Still Kicking

I am still logging in most days of the week with a brand new toon called Edward the Explorer. He does what his name say’s and explores. He was gifted a small amount of Isk to start his travels and set a medical clone so that he didn’t have to do the New Player Experience (NPE). While I sure that would be fun I have had issues with it in the past and didn’t want to revisit it.

Eddy will be visiting Low and Null, keeping as far as possible from High Security Space as possible. So far he hasn’t seen another player.

While Eddy goes on his journeys I have a few other projects on the go. I will be posting again soon with a small guide to Asset Safety for the individual.
Because after reading the CCP information I was still pretty clueless and the Wiki’s didn’t really clear up the bits I wanted answered, like just how much it will cost to mothball your Ragnarok.

Quick Stats for this Blog –

  • 2K viewers a month.
  • Most viewed post – Anomic Base – Angel Transport followed by Ashimu then Wyvern.
  • 4,500 viewers from the good ol USofA. 127 from Norway.
  • was the biggest referrer.

Not bad considering I have posted for two months.

Fly Safe as Always