Look what I got for 22880 PLEX

A rambling post about nothing in particular and lots of other stuff – I don’t apologize.

Eve never ceases to amaze me with its graphical beauty and brutally ruthless game model but every time I log in I am reminded of how this once sleek universe has become bloated, corrupt and littered with great ideas that seem to have been hurriedly implemented and then largely forgotten. There are those things too that may have made sense 15 years ago but have no real relevance now.

  • I was in Dodixie the other day and someone in local asked what happened to the Captains Quarters. A returning player wondering what happened or a troll, who knows.
  • I opened the channel list looking for a chat I used to visit and noticed that DUST514 still has a dedicated channel and there is still an infantry icon on local chat.
  • Sansha are still incurring.
  • For some weird reason the Angels are still guarding rocks in Minmatar space, roughly half a universe from their home.
  • There are anomalies, thousands of them in high sec, that are not challenging to anyone with a half decent frigate.
  • I watched the Amarr Militia camp Hek VIII-12 the other day. The mighty Republic Fleet sent a few token ships to die stupidly much to the annoyance of those Minmatar Militia players ship spinning in station.
  • COSMOS – need I say more.
  • I have 556 corpses, maybe you know some of them?
  • I have 143 items in a container that a not listed on the market.

I mention the items off-market because I am in the process of clearing out my hangers. There was a time when CCP promised that everything would be included in the player driven economy. Some things never made it.

I have made a concerted effort in the last few weeks to clear all Corporation Offices of stuff and relocate everything worth selling to a trade hub (Jita). That was exciting, with nothing to lose I was shipping tens of billions of Isk worth of stuff through known low security gank pipes without a scout. I think I understand the behavior of those pilots who lose fully laden freighters, like me they ceased to care.

And then there are Citadels.

Not a great fan of Citadels, I don’t own one and I doubt I ever will. I think I once said that a solo player would never launch one due to the cost and inability to defend them without friends. I was horribly wrong.

I read Niden’s opinion over at CZ and felt that it captured what I was thinking about the recent punch-up over at 9-4RP2. I too think CCP should be proud of what they achieved. Those that managed to get on grid can talk about it in 15 years, if we are still here.

Sure, there seemed to be several issues surrounding play-ability but the node held and anyone going into the area knew it was going to be absolutely horrid before it started. No point in crying when you stab yourself with the scissors because you were running in the hall. I am sure they got boatloads of good data from the episode.

If the fight achieved anything it made CCP take a hard look at the citadel mechanics and next week we are going to see the first tweaks. One of those tweaks has really dumped a load of hail on my plans. I recently grabbed a Ragnarok and was going to drop it in an NPC station using the asset safety feature. I can still do that but it will cost me 0.5% of the estimated cost. Working on Nosy’s Rough Titan figures that is going to be around half a billion Isk.

Ragnarok Minmatar Titan
About $800 USD and I can’t climb on-board – lol

I didn’t buy PLEX to purchase the Ragnarok. It would have taken approximately 22880 or 8 large PLEX packs which is about $800 USD. Add the exchange rate and everyone but me would be making a killing. I sold down my holdings and liquidated almost everything while keeping an eagle eye on the contracts market. Finally one went for under 70 bill with a travel fit.

This is totally absurd.
I believe a single player who is not aligned to anything should not be able to purchase or control a Titan, or a Super for that matter, but now I have all the Minmatar Capital ships in my hanger. I am sure that this is not how the game was meant to evolve.

Eve is like the Old Lady who swallowed the fly. They keep adding stuff in the hope that the original problem will be solved. It won’t, the game is old and no amount of tarting it up will make it what it once was. It is my fervent hope that they just leave the Old Lady alone so we can enjoy her as she was.

This is likely to be the last post.
Keep an eye on zKillboard for a Ragnarok loss mail – it will be the one fitted with Civilian Gatling Autocannon 🙂

Fly Safe,