We are going Alpha

A few months of lost connectivity, a lot of apathy on my part and the lack of a serious and achievable goal has left me wondering what to do next. This hasn’t been helped by the fact that a lot of the Eve bloggers I read are not writing. Stalwarts of the blogging community have ‘gone dark’ – to borrow a phrase from Turamarth.

Who else has gone into hiding? Drackarn last Eve post April 17, Stabs last Eve post August 17, Bex last Eve post Oct 17. The list goes on – Jakob went 6 months ago, NevilleSmit went 9 months ago, Talvorian Dex a year ago along with Foo.

Then out of the blue we get this gem from Cloaky Bastard, but like so many of the other writers, his ‘must read’ list looks a bit dated.

I look at my contact list in game and it is dark. Some of my contacts haven’t been around for years. As a solo player (by choice) I used to enjoy the occasional chat when friends dropped into my channel. It could be seasonal, they might re-appear but early indications are they won’t.

Where to from here?

I have a goal and it is achievable and solid. I am clearing house and picking up anything of value from my adventures around the universe. It has taken about a week to consolidate, or sell, the debris of 11 years and 9 months of participation.

My personal assets list has been drastically reduced and no longer reads like a station guide to Eve. I closed down 2 corporate offices and cleared their hangers, shipped every single ship skin I had to Jita and sold it at market price. I logged in all of my cyno toons and stripped their wallets and assets. One had a collection of corpses that I had totally forgotten about. I visited 3 characters worth of R&D agents in two different empires and cashed in on Data-cores. All my Capital assets are in the same station.

The fire sale has started and now for the final goal.

Yadot has a Minmatar standing of 9.8 adjusted and before I let the account drift of into Alpha land in 60 days, I have one last thing to do. There are 30 Angel Diamond Tags sitting in a station in the Ani constellation. They are there because once I hit 9.9 standing an Agent called Makor Desto will give me a two run Fleet Tempest BPC.

Makor Desto is not listed in the new Agency Files – none of the COSMOS in space agents are.

While I could buy two Fleet Tempests that isn’t the point.
Back in 2006 as a very new player I stumbled across Makor, Thora and Mutama sitting on a gate. They wouldn’t talk to me because I did not meet their requirements. It has been one of those Eve things I always figured I would do and as time went on I spoke to Mutama and then Thora but the requirements of Makor eluded me.

I am within striking distance of that goal and today I made the first move in my new adventure.

Who knows where it will lead, this is Eve after all.

Fly Safe as Always


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  1. A worthy goal. Good luck in your travels, my next account is going dark in April. Not sure if I can be bothered with Alpha state flying and I hope I get motivated to play properly again before. Fly dangerously…


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