Yoiul what?

I tend to live my Eve life vicariously these days, I log in to refresh the PI extractor cycle and move the products to station but I am not as engaged as I used to be. I pick up news by heading to Total Eve and cherry picking articles of interest then scroll through familiar blogs. I even look at Reddit occasionally which is new for me. Take this morning for example, I didn’t instantly fire up the launcher and it wasn’t all that long ago that would have been the first thing clicked.

So what was in the news? And whats going on with my game?
This month there seems to be a bit of a stink over the lack of free stuff. I don’t have a 7 year old, and I am reluctant to wander up to one in the street and start chatting away just in case my intentions were misunderstood, but if I could ask them what Christmas is all about I am pretty sure the answer would be ”lots of presents”. If I asked them what they had to do to get the presents I am also pretty sure the answer would be ”just be good”.
(If you are lucky enough to have access to your own 7 year old could you try this out and get back to me?… maybe I have it wrong)

CCP :- I remained subbed (good) when everyone else unsubbed and left (bad).
Why aren’t I getting loads of free stuff?

The lack of Yoiul gifts doesn’t really make me want to fire up the launcher each morning.

As for my game, It was interesting to read Wilhelm’s Article where he attributes his longevity in Eve to stumbling across a Null Sec home after the Incarna Fiasco. I lived through Incarna, remained subscribed and went with the flow, but I hear what he is saying and applaud his solution. I will consider it in the New Year but it is a path I have been down before and I am not sure I want to go that way again.

The developmental game changes I am faced with are the ones that remove my ability to be self sufficient and force me into cooperation with others. Eve has slowly driven solo players out. Not just any solo player, I am sure there are new players thriving in Eve in their solo careers, the solo player I am talking about has more skill points than they know what to do with and a fair bit of Isk stashed away. (BOV?)

This gradual removal of things I enjoy doing and adding things I can’t do has left me with a lack of engagement, enthusiasm and drive.
I am starting to think that my time as a solo player is over and wonder what is next.

Fly Safe as Always,