Still no connection

Over the last month there has been so much going on inside and outside Eve, but on my side of the fence it hasn’t been all good. I am in a battle with my provider and now I have three of their Modems stacked up on the desk. All have the same issue, they will not sync. Massively annoying because I want to explore Lifeblood and I also want to see if the Assault Frigate changes make them a viable option for Anomic Missions.

Due to a lack of connectivity, I have let my secondary account lapse to an Alpha. This character is my industry/trade alt and the lapse of a full subscription has made life difficult. Difficult but not impossible.

One interesting observation is that Planetary Interaction is still accessible. Remote scanning and Export don’t work but that is a minor issue. I have my PI sorted so that all I need to do is reset the extractors and leave the rest to do it’s thing. It is money for nothing really – one of the few almost passive Isk generators left in the game. In total it takes me 10 minutes to log on, reset the extractors, log off and repeat with the other account. The catch is that I will have to subscribe when the Spaceport is full which is about a month anyway.

The other passive Isk generator is Datacores. I have 5 R&D agents  across three Characters and each pulls about 100 RP / day. I leave it several months and then round up all the cores. Gone are the days where you made a reasonable return for the time spent grinding the standings to get the agents. The return is pathetic, but like all things in Eve it is a return and there is little or no expense to maintain the network.

Without a stable connection I can still get in and do things, just not the things that I would like to do, like getting a better understanding of the challenges a solo player faces under the Lifeblood expansion.

I jumped down to my Null Sec lair to see if there were any refineries being launched. My little home away from home was once the proud owner of a Promethium moon. Now it is a deserted backwater, forgotten and…
Hang on, NCdot have just dropped an Astrahus on a moon in the system. Will have to dig out some probes and see what they are after.

Other news:

RIP Eve Gate.
The loss of Eve Gate (the external player interface not the system) isn’t mourned. It was an application that was meant to wrangle several fractured external information systems/portals and bring them all into a usable and controllable format. One of the applications merged into Eve Gate were the forums, the forum merge happened in 2011 and is detailed by CCP Alice here.  Like so many other applications introduced by CCP to fill a gap or merge existing applications, Eve gate fell short. The forum change was reasonably successful but the front end application never seemed to be updated. I remember logging in to check something on an account and looking at a news feed that was 3 years old. Eve Gate just hung around like a stale fart in a closed room, CCP just opened the door. Makes me wonder what will be expunged next… COSMOS ?

Fly Safe as Always