Spring Clean

Eve thrives on controversy.

I have read a lot of reports, listened to interviews and ploughed through opinion pieces in relation to the recent CO2 dismemberment. It would be easy to sit back and judge the Judge or pass comment of the seemingly harsh penalty metered out to gigX or even lament the life of the everyday line member, however the drama is so far removed from the game I play that I could be forgiven for thinking they are playing something else.

That is one of the joy’s of Eve.

The sand box is so big.

Massive upheavals like this become a ripple on a pond when they reach the average player. I am not naive enough to think that the demolition and betrayal have no effect, I am sure that some aspect of my game would be influenced, but like most I am just a spectator watching a story unfold.

When I first became interested in Eve in 2006 there was a story about a great scam involving a Apocalypse Battleship BPO. I say story because there only seems to be one valid source, the author himself, and no confirmation tears. True or not, it introduced me to a side of gaming that I had never experienced before. I was amazed that someone would put all that time and effort into intentionally deceiving other players for little or no reward (in the story I read, he gave it all away to someone in an asteroid belt).
It was all about the ability to deceive on a grand scale and the personal satisfaction gained by pulling it off.

Eve is full of it, I remember a passionate plea from a former Alliance colleague who wanted to park his toon’s in my corporation because he had been outed as a spy. He needed somewhere clean to start from. Request denied. I never trust anyone in Eve unless I have had a coffee with them, and I was wondering if that personal interaction at the CSM between candidates lead to the eventual betrayal. Had they never met would there have been the same outcome?

Either way, I am sure CCP are rubbing their hands with joy, more exposure more players more money. I was going to check Chribba’s off-line monitor to see if there was a spike in newborns around the time but it is down.

What has that got to do with Spring Cleaning?
My main re-subbed for 6 months and that was the trigger to do some station cleaning. I have finally picked up all the corporate deliveries, I have recovered ‘rubbish fit ships’ left in stations that are no longer used and taken them home, I have moved all my Anomic Ships to a new location. The great clean up was overdue, I had stuff everywhere and enjoyed the thrill of running an Inty with a couple of billion isk of Deadspace mods through known gank spots. I trashed a lot of Corvettes and killed a few Janitors.

The end result is a clean asset sheet and a hanger full of stuff, like the 462 Warrior II drones which made me smile or the 21 Geko’s which made me smile even more….

I have a lot of stuff and it might be time to sell some of it off. I have no idea why I have 4563 Tourists. Alright, I have a bit of an idea but the madness was so long ago I can’t remember what I was going to do with them, Self Destruct a freighter full of them on the Jita undock maybe?

Eve thrives on controversy, unfortunately my enjoyment is too shallow to provide that content to the masses, so you will just have to make do with my ramblings and occasional Anomic updates.

Fly Safe as Always,