Anomic Agent Mission Update

Post August patch blues caused some concerns but I have now completed all but one of the Anomic Agent missions. The Blood Raider Cruor and the Serpentis Daredevil are the only ones that seem to be impacted by the change.

How can he say that? He missed one… No I didn’t, all done now.
Anomic Agent Guirista’s Worm has not changed.

Both the troubled missions appear to have an armor repair rate far beyond what it used to be. I watched new video’s against old and the difference in rep rate around the 45% level is quite significant. I don’t have any damage logs from pre-patch days or a screen shot of the info at Chruker, so the video evidence will have to do.

CCP stated the issue was fixed on 24 Aug 17 – I believe for these two missions that it isn’t. The missions are achievable but very difficult. Given that Anomic missions have a history of bugs it makes the possibility of a ship loss much higher.
Something none of us want.

These missions are a good way to make high LP and Isk but there is always a risk.

Take that risk if you want,
I do.

Fly Safe as Always,