Anomic Burner Missions changed without warning

DANGER: – CCP have buffed some Anomic missions without warning. If you run them check the forums for current fits. Please Read – EvE Forum Post Discussion

CCP have admitted there is a problem in a recent GM ticket response. There are some very unhappy campers in the Eve community and the problem seems to be CCP’s recent changes to Anomic Agent and Base Missions. From what I have read they have buffed some Anomic ships to the point where the standard fittings no longer work. One source cites the Blood Raider Cruor now having 13K HP.

The biggest concern is that no one was informed.

I read the patch notes and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary that would change the way Anomic Missions are completed. I had been keeping my eye out for the proposed launcher nerfs, but they were not there.

The community is divided, it seems that low skill plus cheap fits no longer work.

I am not sure if I will support Burner missions in these pages anymore. I am slightly annoyed because now I have to mark every page with a warning, and all my videos.

One consolation is that Anomic Team missions still work with a Polarised Garmur fit.

Fly Safe, even if that is becoming increasingly hard.


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