COSMOS for Minmatar and Gallente

Several months ago Splatus asked for some more information about COSMOS missions. I dug around in my old Eve stuff and found this.  I have no idea who the original author is and do not claim this as my own! Most of the links suggested for further reading are long dead. If you did write it I would be happy to credit you, just let me know.


A brief look at it indicates that it is still a functioning COSMOS map for pilots wishing to do both the Minmatar and Gallente missions.

One of the difficulties facing all pilots entering the COSMOS mission cycle is which agent to approach first and more specifically what do they want? No point talking to an agent only to discover the items they require are very difficult to source. This guide tells you who to talk to and where to get stuff while also providing a logical running sequence.

This is not as comprehensive as information already available on the UniWiki site but it compliments it. Some of the information, on both sites, is dated such as a lot off the scannable sites became visible due to the wide scale sale of COSMOS bookmarks.

Remember, most COSMOS agents only offer the mission once. Get it right the first time and you will be left with a hanger full of storyline BPC’s that might come in handy some day. Get it wrong and you may lose access to a vital piece of the puzzle. Be aware that most COSMOS missions and Sites are equivalent to L4 missions unless specified.

CCP have been asked to reset the COSMOS agents similar to the Racial storyline missions, which reset every 3 or 4 months, but have so far remained silent. The only change I remember was to reduce the volume of some COSMOS specific items to allow easier transport. I think that was 5 years ago. If you know of a meaningful change to COSMOS since then, please let me know.

I am trying to get my Race standing up to 9.8 with Makor Desto for the Faction Battleship BPC. I am currently 9.7 so a few more storylines to go…

Fly Safe as Always,


One thought on “COSMOS for Minmatar and Gallente

  1. Thanks for this, I’ll check it out. I find it kind of “irritating” that EVE has content (L5 missions, Burner Missions, Industry, COSMOS) that I have never really experienced. Bucket list, I assume…

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