42 Plex

I have a third account that I don’t really log into. Recently it was used to test the Alpha clones, before that it was used to test ideas that I didn’t really want either of my main accounts involved in.

The corporation has been around since December 2012. The founding members are residing in Doomheim-666 along with many of their brothers and sisters after being bio-massed to make way for new brothers and sisters. It is a test account on the live server that provides some comic relief and the occasional cyno toon.

So it was a bit of a surprise to log in and find that there was 42 plex in the vault. Not the mains vault, but one of the alts in High Sec. I have no idea where this came from.

249 Aurum is a very odd number for an account that can be dormant for years. Shame they didn’t post the transaction in the wallet.

And something even sillier…
I got 200K SP on one account and a small amount on the other. These accounts would not have been actively training when the Ghost training reversal script shut everyone down. Could they have been skills that have been replaced? I doubt it, these toons were both under 5 mill SP.

Sometimes I just sit back and wonder.

Back to Burners 🙂

Fly Safe as Always,


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