Daredevil vs Burner Cruor = mistake

My recent return to Burner missions has reinforced a valuable lesson. Don’t get complacent.

I was running a mission for an Alt because a suitable mission hadn’t been offered to my Main. I have a stable of 8 Mission Agents within reasonable distance and tend to chat to them daily. The results in plenty of Anomic Missions for both characters and no need to turn down regular missions. I just let the regular missions sit the 4 hours and try again later. To be on the safe side, and ensure I am not distracted, I tend to run one at a time with Yadot while the Alt gets on with industry and trade.

The lesson, I was rather expensively reminded of, was the need to be absolutely sure that you have the right ship for the mission offered. I had just run a Sansha Succubus on Yadot’s account and went on to run a Blood Cruor mission for the Alt. Somewhere along the line I thought I was doing another Succubus mission. Even when I landed at the gate and the gate was named “Blood Raider Anomic Site” it still didn’t register.

By the time I figured out what was going on it was over. With everything overheated I died a pathetic and lonely death. The loss of 270 million Isk –  Daredevil Loss – is a stark reminder that Anomic missions are not forgiving and will punish the complacent.

Fly Safe as Always,


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