Moon Mining Revamped

I nearly didn’t read the recent Dev Blog . I had been following the news of mining changes since they were first revealed and decided that, as a solo miner, the end was in sight. My towers were already down because the cost of fuel outweighed the sale price of titanium and the proposed changes would severely impact the way I played the game. A check of Capri’s Tools today reveals that maybe I should have continued. Prices are up and profits are high in anticipation of the changes no doubt.

The NPC Null system I called home had a Promethium moon. All the information pointed to a new Citadel type, called a Refinery, mining a chunk of moon and then a large crowd of people swarming over it in barges. This style of mining meant that my little slice of heaven was going to be invaded by hundreds of Goons, NC. or renters depending on who wanted to control the system. I jumped all my assets out a few months ago, only continuing with the PI systems I had in place.

So with all my assets out and my focus on other things, I barely glanced at the recent Dev Blog. As normal I skipped to the bottom to see the TL;DR version and this caught my eye:

Full reset of moon distribution on Expansion Release

My little slice of heaven might be safe after all.

What it doesn’t say is whether the distribution changes are dynamic or static. I might just keep my clones down there and see how this plays out. I doubt very much if, as a solo player, I will ever be able to afford moon mining again but depending on where the ore is dragged to I might be able to ninja some off. There might be siphons available, after all what is going to happen to them?

No one ever thinks of the poor maligned siphons 🙂

Fly Safe as Always


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