Inder COSMOS Sleeper Artifacts

COSMOS is not the only source of Sleeper Artifacts, as they can drop from Data Sites, but they are the most abundant. In addition to last weeks post, I thought I would write about the other area where Sleeper artifacts can be found and that is the Contested Minmatar Military Depot in Inder.

Inder is also reasonably quiet 0.5 Sec status system in the Ani constellation. It is 2 jumps from Hek and has one station owned by Sisters of Eve. There are 8 Planets, 26 Moons and 16 Belts. There are two COSMOS agent sites – Dream Port and Rich Man’s Run. There is only one artifact site with a warp in beacon and that is the Contested Minmatar Military Depot.

The site is rated DED 3 which means that Cruiser hulls and below are allowed access through the warp gate.

On warping to the beacon you will land at a warp gate. There are no NPC at the gate and it is called “Gate to Security Blockade”. Using this gate takes you into the first pocket where various Frigates and Cruisers and a few missile batteries. You shouldn’t get aggro unless you wait too long. In this pocket there are two warp gates, one at 60km called the “Gate to Seized Supply Depot” and the other about 4km called the “Gate to Ancient Wreckage”. To get to the Sleeper artifacts you need to take the Gate to Ancient Wreckage – it is an open gate and you don’t need any special tokens or keys.

The Ancient Wreckage pocket contains 2 areas, one around a Ruined Star-gate which is the closest to your warp in point, the other is behind it and clustered around large collideable objects called Ancient Wreckage.

NPC guarding the Ruined Star-gate include:
16 x Local Poacher frigates
2 x Treasure Hunter Cruisers

Attacking any NPC before you have aggro will result in all NPC attacking you. The AI is a bit weird, it seems that the Frigates are ‘assigned’ to a can as protection but aggro is proximity based. Get within 10Km and they will aggro, or hack the can. Drones may get aggro from the other group if they stray.

The NPC guarding the Ancient Wreckage includes:
14 x Local Poacher Frigates
4 x Treasure Hunter Cruisers

A well tanked Explosive/ Kintetic Cruiser set-up will be able to cope. There are no stasis webbifiers or warp scrambling Frigates but the re-spawn rate is very high and becomes frustrating when you have hacked a can and cannot retrieve the contents before killing the whole field.

What to expect:
You should arrive about 40km from the Wrecked Star-gate. There is no NPC aggro.
Save time:
Use a Cargo Scanner and tag the cans.
Mini Game:
You need a Relic Analyzer to start the mini game (hack the cans). These containers do not de-spawn so you can keep hacking away until you crack it. Be aware that if NPC are close by the container may be guarded. You will have to kill the NPC before the loot can be collected.

Loot Table: (reasonably consistent – all cans may contain Carbon and the Sleeper Technology Skillbook)
Ancient Data Core – Sleeper Technical Schematics
Ancient Data Fragment – Sleeper Manuscript, Sleeper Data Crystals
Peculiar Debris – Sleeper Heat Nullifying Coil, Sleeper Nanite Cluster, Sleeper Foundation Block
Remarkable Debris – Sleeper Split Cables, Sleeper Micro Circuits

Wrecked Star-gate has:
4 x Ancient Data Core
9 x Ancient Data Fragment
8 x Peculiar Debris
4 x Remarkable Debris

Ancient Wreckage has:
6 x Ancient Data Core
10 x Ancient Data Fragment
11 x Peculiar Debris
6 x Remarkable Debris

Is it worth it?
Sleeper Foundation blocks are currently fetching about 1.5 mill, Sleeper Manuscripts about 2 mill, Sleeper Nanite Cluster about 2 mill. Running both sites and managing aggro should net you about 10-20 mill for 30 minutes work.

I have picked up as much locally sourced Sleeper gear as I need so I won’t be revisiting these sites for a while. I did confirm that these artifacts drop from Data Sites and I am sure that more Sleeper artifacts are found in the Anoikis Galaxy.
Might be time for some exploration.

Fly Safe as Always


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