Hjoramold COSMOS Sleeper Artifacts

I made a decision a few weeks ago to thin out my corporation hangers. It seems that over the last 9 years I have managed to collect a fair bit of stuff. As mentioned, I found several COSMOS story-line blueprints and decided to produce some of them. It quickly became apparent that I needed some sleeper artifacts to continue production and a quick search of the web didn’t produce much, the market was helpful, but at a massive premium. Most web based articles pointed to the Contested Minmatar Legendary Stronghold in Hjoramold and the Contested Minmatar Military Depot in Inder.

To that end I did some grinding to fill the hangers full of sleeper stuff. I discovered a few things along the way that I felt were worth sharing. This week I am going to focus on the site in Contested Minmatar Legendary Stronghold at Hjoramold.

Hjoramold is a reasonably quiet 0.5 Sec status system in the Ani constellation. It is three jumps from Hek and has three Joint Harvesting Amarrian Stations, 13 Planets, 43 Moons and 12 Belts. There are two COSMOS agent sites – Lord Bastion and Machine Head as well as eight artifact sites. By ‘artifact site’ I mean complexes or areas where COSMOS related artifacts are found, six of them have warp in beacons. One of these beacons is the Contested Minmatar Legendary Stronghold.

The site is rated as DED 4 which means that Battle-cruiser hulls and below are allowed through the warp gate. This includes Strategic Cruisers and my Loki is well suited (pre-nerf).

The gate you arrive at when warping to the Contested Minmatar Legendary Stronghold beacon is ‘Gate to Harkin’s Gate’ and is not guarded by NPC. Using the gate takes you into the first pocket where various Crusiers and Light missile batteries and two gates. To get to the Sleeper artifacts you need to take the Gate to Nefantar Ruins – it is an open gate and you don’t need any special tokens or keys.

The Nefantar Ruins pocket holds two spawn areas, the Nefantar Research Station Ruins surrounded by cans and a Research Test Area located behind it also surrounded by cans. There is also a Gate to Relic Storage Field about 66km from the warp in point which I will talk about later.

The NPC guarding the Station Ruins include:
9 x Treasure Hunters (Cruiser Hulls) firing turrets and Inferno Heavy missiles.
2 x Ammatar Pilgrims (Machariel  Hull) firing turrets with a mix of Nova and Inferno Cruise.

Attacking anything before they target and fire at you will result in full aggro.

The NPC guarding the Research Test Area include:
2 x Relic Collectors (Frigate Hulls) Stasis Webbify and Warp Disrupt.
14 x Treasure Hunters (Cruiser Hulls) firing turrets and Inferno Heavy missiles.
2 x Ammatar Pilgrims (Machariel  Hull) firing turrets with a mix of Nova and Inferno Cruise.

So now we know what we are up against, tanking Explosive, Kinetic first then Thermal seems to be the right combination.

What to expect:
You should arrive about 40km from the Station Ruins. There is no NPC aggro unless you move towards them. The BS will aggro first as you approach. As mentioned before, attacking first will draw aggro from the NPC group closest to your position.
Save Time:
Using a Cargo scanner and checking each can is the best way to clear this site. By now you should know what items you are after. Tag the cans as you go along (you might need to fleet yourself if you haven’t already). You can avoid aggro by staying 40+ kms from the NPC and approach the Research Test Area to scan those cans as well.
If you tag the cans you can warp out and back in and the tags will remain, as long as you don’t leave the system or dock. This is important as once you aggro a group and kill it – it will respawn and attack regardless of which site you are at. If you warp out they will drop aggro.
The Mini game:
Get ready for RSI ! – You need a Relic Analyser to start the hacking game. The core or final node is almost always at the edge of the box. Just work your way around the box. If you fail just try again. These containers do not de-spawn so you can keep hacking away until you crack it. Be aware that if NPC are close by the container may be guarded. You will have to kill the NPC before the loot can be collected.

Loot table: ( reasonably consistent – all cans may contain Carbon and the Sleeper Technology Skillbook )
Impaired Stasis Core – Sleeper Technical Schematics, Sleeper Data Crystals
Cracked Relic Strongbox – Nanite Cluster, Split Cables, Uni Dimensional Algorithm Code (Gate Key – rare drop)
Ancient Stasis Core – Sleeper Data Crystals / Interface, Technical Schematics
Relic Strongbox – normally Sleeper Micro Circuits, but occasionally Sleeper Virtual Energizer, Sleeper Reintegration Control, Sleeper Thermal Regulator.

Relic Storage Field
If you are lucky enough to get a  Uni Dimensional Algorithm Code then you have the key to the Relic Storage Field. If you activate the gate it will be consumed so plan ahead. The site isn’t easy so be warned. Firing on any of the groups before they fire on you will draw aggro from the entire group.

Inside the Relic Storage Field are three sites. You will warp into four Treasure Hunters (Cynabal Hull) at the spawn beacon that will immediately aggro. You can kill them off or tank them while you scan cargo, just remember they may re-spawn and follow you if killed.

The left hand site is guarded by ten Treasure Hunters (some Gila Hulls, some Cynabal) and has ten containers.
The right hand site is guarded by ten Treasure Hunters (some Gila Hulls, some Cynabal) and has ten containers.
Left and Right Containers:
1 x Reinforced Relic Storage Box – Sleeper Virtual Energizer, Sleeper Reintegration Control, Sleeper Cryo Batteries, Sleeper Hyperbooster.
4 x Ancient Stasis Core – Sleeper Data Interface Protocol, Sleeper Technical Schematics.
4 x Relic Strong Box – Sleeper Micro Circuits, Sleeper Thermal Regulator.
1 x Ancient Hard Stasis Core – Sleeper Data Interface, Sleeper Profound Research Notes.
2 x Loose Relic Storage Pressure Vessels (drop ammo)

The central site has thirty containers and is guarded by fifteen Treasure Hunters, Two Tomb Raiders (Caldari Scorpion Hull) and three Relic Collectors (Stasis Webbify and Warp Disrupt).
Loot as above:
5 x Reinforced Relic Storage Box,
11 x Ancient Stasis Core,
11 x Relic Strong Box,
5 x Ancient Hard Stasis Core,
10 x Relic Storage Pressure Vessels (drop ammo)

What to expect:
You can get close enough to scan all cans. Pick your targets because you may have to kill all the NPC to open the can you want. If you kill all the NPC in the left site you have about 10 minutes before they re-spawn, however when they do they will automatically target and come after you, so if you are in the middle or right expect 10 Cruisers to show up.

Is it worth it:
At today’s contract prices, Dark Matter Commodities will snap up a Uni Dimensional Algorithm Code for about 25 -35 mill on contract. They don’t drop often but there is also a chance that using it won’t provide you with the loot you want. Three items that only seem to spawn in the Relic Field are:
Sleeper Hyperbooster – about 1 to 2 mill in Jita
Sleeper Cryo Batteries – about 200K in Jita
Sleeper Profound Research Notes – about 64 Million in Jita
And even then, the chance of them spawning is low. In the 3 attempts I have only seen the profound research notes once (and I got it).

Sleeper loot can also be found in Cosmic Signatures – Sleeper Caches but I have no idea which artifacts they drop.
That might be the next goal.

Happy Hunting
Fly Safe as Always,








2 thoughts on “Hjoramold COSMOS Sleeper Artifacts

  1. Interesting read, I have actually never done a COSMOS mission. Do they end up in null / low? Any idea where I could read up on them?


    • UniWiki has a series on them, but I am not sure how current that is. I did the Minmatar COSMOS a long time ago, which is where I got the blueprints. Once you complete an agent mission, it is never offered again. Great for standings but most of the missions are tough.


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