Ghost T3 Concord Super Swarms

I haven’t posted for a while because I am working on an area of Eve that is boring as a very boring thing – no, not mining 🙂 and I am reluctant to share info about my current activities until I have finished, but I will share my insights later and hopefully others will prosper.

Until then, I have been following the news everyday. There has been so much angst and beating of little fists that it is becoming a bit dull.
CCP change stuff.
Get over it.

Wilhelm Arcturus recently posted this gem,

The ignorant outsider is always a better judge of things than the people who actually know the code… says the ignorant outsider at least.

While I sometimes shake my head at the seemingly endless ability of CCP to misread developing situations, I do have an understanding of how difficult managing customers is. Not fun for those who do, when you add prepubescent shaking fists into the mix, it is always going to end badly.

It is easy to review an action, in hindsight, and announce that it was badly managed, politicians do it so often now we believe it to be valid exercise when it isn’t. Reviews of actions should be done to identify improvement, not to apportion blame.

While Ghost training was an unfortunate issue I doubt anyone outside CCP knows exactly how it was managed internally. My guess is that they knew there was an issue well before the player base but mounting pressure forced them to act before they were ready. The outcome was not ideal resulting in the inadvertent stopping of skill queues, a rather patchy reimbursement of points and wrist slapping all around.

I would like to say that recent and proposed changes have no impact on my day to day play. Unfortunately I think there is one area that will effect me and that is the proposed T3 revision (not ‘Tiericide’ this time, have we finished that?.)

I am going to lose my well worn Loki. The Loki has been with since mid ’09 and doesn’t have a kill mark, not surprising really as I am ‘snuggly’ according to zkillboard. I built it to reap the rewards introduced with scanning and signatures when I lived in Providence as part of NCdot, CVA nowhere to be seen. I used it to run anomilies and tank mission 10/10’s before the leadership decided a move was as good as a holiday and I ended up in Great Wildlands. Since then it has been is only used as a tanked hacker, a very specific tool for a simple job, but it gets that done without issue. CCP are about to change that. I am sure that I will figure something out once the change comes in, no beating fists or unsubs required.

That brings me to Concord Frigates and Cruisers received as rewards for those who purchased fanfest tickets. It seems to have been another event that has raised the ire of the player base where some players made billions and others just got some cool ships. The argument appears to be that a single player with multiple accounts who only bought one ticket should not profit more than a player with a single account who bought the same ticket. This argument has been repeated loudly but without joy it seems. CCP are happy to remove ill gotten isk from Ghost Trainers but they are not going to do anything about the distribution of fanfest ships. CCP Falcon posted an explanation of the process and apologized that the implementation had not been clearly described at the outset. I read the article and wondered why they bothered explaining it, while they set a precedent giving out special ships last time, it didn’t mean they couldn’t change their mind.

All my Capital ships are in one station. I am more than happy with the Asset Safety system which allowed me to bundle my Super and ship it to an NPC station. It never felt right being hangered in a player built Keepstar. Since CCP keep changing things, there is a chance that Asset Safety will be scrapped and Citadels will become easier to kill. Bring on the day when I can transit my Capital Ships through High Sec.
Speaking of Citadels I was running some manufacturing jobs recently and discovered it was cheaper to run them in a High Sec NPC station than in a Raitu in High Sec with a low manufacturing system index and zero tax. Must admit that caught me off guard and made me think about how many jobs I had completed thinking it was cheaper.

Swarms –  I managed to run some in the last few days, grabbed an accelerator for my collection, a few Plex and bagged some skins. I don’t use skins but one day they might be worth something.
Events like this are good. They provide a short term focus that is accessible to everyone. Not everyone see’s it that way though, while a new player in a reasonably simple ship is capable of finishing the site, the chances are that someone in a bigger ship, with a better understanding of the flag mechanics, will drop in just as the Overlord arrived and scoop the loot. I have no answer to that.

Eve is hard, advantage is gained by knowledge.

Fly Safe as Always,






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