Drive by thanks

I am taking a break from Burner missions this month, well a break from grinding them anyway. The ones I complete will be updated on both the YouTube page and these posts, but I have lots of other Eve stuff to keep me busy, like manufacturing all the COSMOS stuff sitting in my hangers. The reason these random BPC’s caught my eye was that I was fooling around with the new fitting tool and realized the only module that would fit my imaginary ship was a story-line item. A quick check of the market showed a serious premium on this module and I was sure I had a BPC somewhere.

Turns out I did have the BPC, but I didn’t have all the components and wasn’t going to pay farmers the Isk they wanted. So I started a ‘farming episode’ of my own. Seems I have forgotten how much fun ‘hacking’ was when done over and over again.
I am being sarcastic, it is as much fun as sticking pins in my eyes. The whole thing ends in a severe case of Repetitive Strain Injury and a vow never to do that sort of farming again.

I understand that there was a need to replace the old empty / full container system, but this time I think they went too far. Unfortunately the task isn’t made any easier because the difficulty of the ‘hack’ doesn’t corresponded with the eventual drop. This part of Eve has nothing to do with Risk v Reward and just seems to be cobbled together, I doubt it even comes close to percentage drop rates. A DED 3 site is richer in loot than a more difficult DED 4 or 5 which seems counter-intuitive.

So whats this got to do with Drive By Thanks?

As a break from farming I took time out to move my entire Cap fleet to a strategic location. The plan was to get everything in the same place, rather than spread out around the universe. The up side of this is that if I ever decide to join anyone, my assets will be accessible. I guess I am just garaging stuff and getting ready for any eventuality.

I was heading out of the farming zone when I saw my name linked in Local. I was being hailed, someone wanted to know if I was the pilot that blogged about the Burner missions. I didn’t responding in Local, but sent an Eve-mail confirming that I was indeed the same Yadot.

Re: Burner,
From: WrathKill
Sent: 2017.06.14 04:23
To: Yadot,

Wanna tell I really appreciate your work and thank you a lot for your affort!
You’ve made life of many capsuleers so easy!
Great work!

I was taken aback, since the idea of this blog was to jot down my thoughts and I didn’t intend writing a mission guide. It just kind of ended up that way by accident.

Eve continues to surprise me.

Fly Safe as Always,




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