Six months

I have missed a few weekly posts due to RL issues. I am still playing and I have no intention of leaving the game so you can’t have my stuff. The self enforced downtime has made me think about my Eve attention span.

How long do we spend doing something in Eve before it becomes a chore?

In my case I think it is somewhere around six months. I gauge this, very unscientifically, on the recent foray into Burner Missions. The last two months have not brought the same intense satisfaction as they did originally. The excitement and pleasure isn’t there, I know what to do and get on with it. The thrill of learning is gone, the dread of loss isn’t as intense. I continue to request and accept Burner Missions because they are a good source of Isk. I should be accepting them because I enjoy doing them.

That got me thinking about previous roles within Eve, the structure of my game play and how engaged I was. Each personal example adds up to around 6 months. That seems to be the optimum engagement time for me. I find it hard to get satisfaction from something that doesn’t require thought. Time for something new.

So where to from here?

I was thinking of Faction Warfare but that has some serious limitations. To make it work I would have to either bring the whole corp along, including my cyno alts, or split Yad off and let him go his merry way. The other option was to continue reducing my backlog of BPC’s with my Indy alt and send Yad off to do Incursions. The problem with that idea is that while he is fully skilled and capable of flying a Scimtar, he hasn’t actually been a Logi pilot for a very long time. He would need some training and I am not sure who would suffer that.

Both FW and Incursions have the flexibility to allow me to participate for about 6 months before moving on. I guess I am at a cross roads. Eleven Years into the game and there is still so much I have to experience.

Sometimes I think there might be too much choice.

Fly Safe as Always




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