No more Anomic Base Wyvern missions for me

I have to draw the line somewhere.

I lost my 4th Vigilant today bringing my Isk loss to about 1.4 billion.
The reason today’s loss was the final ‘nail in the coffin’ is that I saved the damage log and ran it through the Eve Online After Action Report analyzer. The results were interesting but more on that later.

All my losses were at the hands of the Dragonfly Fighters. I have good OBS video recording of three of the losses and have reviewed it several times over. At face value it seems that on each occasion I have made a rookie error in forgetting to turn the Afterburner off and getting too close, or failing to get the second Stasis webbifier on the primary, or letting my repper burn out (even though the video clearly shows it being turned off). All pretty stupid mistakes but in each one the number of penetrating and smashing hits received seems to be more than normal.  Perfectly understandable when you are triple webbed and down to 37m/s but that doesn’t explain why I have video of exactly the same ship in the same position which is tanking happily and it isn’t taking the same amount of damage.

My thoughts on the first loss were that somehow the tank had failed. I just couldn’t seem to kill off the first dragonfly and I was taking a pounding. I eventually managed to kill two of them but couldn’t rep against the last Dragonfly’s incoming damage. I couldn’t hold off one Dragonfly and I was moving. The combat log for the most recent loss shows the same profile.

Three logs show good initial DPS from me and diminishing DPS from the enemy as you would expect. As each Dragonfly is killed the amount of incoming DPS drops however, the log of the ship loss shows terrible DPS from me and higher than normal DPS from the Dragonfly’s for the entire fight. It is this ‘higher than normal DPS’ that interested me and reviewing the video’s indicates the number of penetrating and smashing shots seems to increase compared to previous successful attempts.

Sour grapes on my part.
Each video clearly shows the point of no return and the blame is mine and mine alone. The problem for me is that while I can speculate, I don’t have logs for all the losses and I don’t have video replays of all of them either. Having lost over a billion Isk, I am in no hurry to go back and nail down the exact reason when the mission has the worst drops and pathetic rewards. I will just put this down to bad luck and poor piloting and move on.

Watch Jack C’s video if you want to see how to do it properly. He manages to complete the mission in 11 minutes without repairing his modules.

At 11 minutes I am normally in trouble and my ship is in flames.

My foray into Anomic Missions is coming to an end but I haven’t decided what to do next…. any ideas?

Fly Safe as Always,


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