What the Hel ?

I spent 20 billion and bought a Super-carrier. I can hear some of you laughing – the others are wondering why?

I had been hunting for a suitable Hel in contracts since Citadels were implemented because I felt that recent changes would result in a lot more of them accessible and on the ‘market’.

The introduction of Keepstars opened it up in such a way that mere mortals like myself could purchase and own Super-carriers without going through a broker and more importantly we also had somewhere (relatively safe) to park it, in my case that was the most important thing.

Chribba and the Imperium, through the entity New Eden Trading, have opened up a series of trade route networks across New Eden that allow docking rights to scrubs like me. While the routes are not fully functional the Keepstars are and their presence has seen the birth of contracts in the main hubs for travel fit and rigged Supers.


For me, as a single non-aligned player, it would seem an extravagance to own a Super if I wasn’t going to actively use it and I wholeheartedly agree. I intend using this ship, just not in the way you think. It will get a workout on the test server while I try out fits and capabilities. It is entirely possible that it may never undock on Tranquility.

To me the ship is just another one in my vast collection. It could be a bargaining chip should I decide to return to Corporate and Alliance life, but that is some way off.
To put this in perspective I have a Naglfar that has been docked up for almost 5 years. Last time I looked I couldn’t undock because it had more modules than slots. I could sell it but then I wouldn’t have one. The same goes for the Hel. It might just sit in a Keepstar until I finally Biomass.

To me the game is about having fun and I intend to do so with my new ship. I am scanning kill boards for doctrine fits, but for now a simple ‘poor’ will have to do.

I am slightly annoyed that I can’t spin in station and I had to google ‘fighter control’ to figure out how to deploy fighters from my new boat. Not the sort of thing you want to do when you undock for the first time…

I am overjoyed the the /copyships command works on the test server and my Super is sitting in a New Eden Trading Keepstar.
(Singularity has a bunch of helpful commands – https://community.eveonline.com/support/test-servers/singularity-player-commands/ )

Before I go, did you know that when you overload (overheat) modules and dock in a Citadel that the modules will remain overloaded on undock?

Fly Safe as Always,





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