Plex Vault

I kind of like the vault but CCP has some major issues with cargo containers, plex vaults and the inventory numbers.

My ‘new’ Plex came from left over Aurum. I had no idea how much Aurum I originally had, because I am not a clothes kind of guy. I should have paid more attention.
So barring future Aurum conversions, one account had 287 new Plex and the other had 171 new Plex. No idea what the Aurum conversion rate for that was, but they seem like pretty random numbers.  7 AUR to 1 new Plex which makes sense, 2296 for one and 1197 for the other. So it seems that my entire AUR stock was converted. I was of the misunderstanding that only 1000 chunks would be converted and the left over done in 3 months. Guessing that if I had less than 1000 then I would be waiting with everyone else.

GOOD: To view your Plex you don’t have to be in station. They are displayed on a new tab in the Character Sheet called ‘Pilot Services’. This negates the need to be in station to go shopping for skins, extractors and adding game time.

NOT SO GOOD: My corp Plex holdings are held in the corp hangers, so I rushed down there to deposit my new Plex and that is when the fun started.
New Plex didn’t stack when dragged onto existing Plex in a container.
When you dragged and dropped them on an existing stack they vanished and the stack number didn’t grow.
You could drag them out to your Plex wallet and the wallet would grow but the stack size wouldn’t decrease.
You could only move the amount in the stack in each drag until you had less left than the stack indicated and then you got an error.
You couldn’t get the rest out because you had no idea how much you had left unless you tried to drag it to another hanger. You then got a message telling you how many you had and why you couldn’t move them. Only then could you ‘shift’ drag the appropriate number across.

GOOD: No Plex went missing, they were all there somewhere and I am sure CCP will be right on a little fix to help those of us retarded enough to keep Plex in a container in the corp hanger 🙂

NOT SO GOOD: I am really disappointed that I can’t spin my Hel in a Keepstar…. but that has nothing to do with the patch.

Fly Safe as Always,