New Eden was born 14 years ago

“Today, on the 14th Anniversary of EVE Online, we give our most sincere thanks to the intrepid pilots of New Eden, who form what is without a doubt the finest online gaming community in existence.

Your unswaying dedication and loyalty to the EVE Universe, and your continued support of the sprawling cosmos we’ve continued to build together over the last fourteen years inspires us more than ever to keep pushing the boundaries of what we can do together!

Fly dangerous, and prepare for another awesome year!”
CCP Falcon

What was I doing 14 years ago?
I wasn’t an Eve Online subscriber, I hadn’t even heard of the game. I was designing map levels for Day of Defeat using Wolrdcraft / Hammer and belonged to a controversial, and vocal, DoD player clan. A change in employment saw me move cities and end up with what can only be described as an atrocious internet connection. The nights of jocularity and banter came to a sudden end and I was looking for something new. It took three years before my internet connection was good enough to engage in anything multi-player and by then DoD had moved to DoDs. The Source SDK was almost beyond the amateur mapper and, as with all unguided organizations, the clan had started falling apart.

I went from FPS to MMO in April ’06

So what was it that appealed, what was it that compelled me to continue subscribing and playing. Enjoyment, I play for my enjoyment, not for the enjoyment of others. Eve for me is a singular game with external elements. If the constant cry of Eve based news outlets is anything to go by then I am a rare breed of Eve player, I am a loner.

I don’t belong to an active Corporation or Alliance and continue to play and continue to enjoy myself. Two of my ten years have been spent in the company of other players working towards their goals and ignoring my own which always ended in resentment. As a solo player, I have had periods of lethargy and disinterest but they have been of my own doing. I think the disinterest was exacerbated because I had lost sight of my primary goal, play for enjoyment.

So where am I now?
I have just finished the last of the outstanding Anomic Base missions and am looking for another task. Fleet Warfare or Incursions are high on the list but both will drag me out of my solo status and I am not sure how I feel about that. Will team play provide my enjoyment, can I be selfish and be a team player? Will I get enough enjoyment from the new adventure to sustain me and fulfill my goals?
Might have to try it and see.

Before I choose another path I need a month to take stock, round up deliveries and consolidate my assets. I have stuff spread across the depth and breadth of New Eden and it is about time I tidied up the hanger.

So Happy Birthday Eve.
Looking forward to many more, even if the celebratory gifts were lumps of coal. Hopefully all the naysayers are wrong and the declining log in numbers do not spell your impending demise.

Fly Safe As Always,


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