Cracking the last Anomic

I started running Anomic mission late last year and have successfully complete all of them bar one. The Gurista’s Base – Wyvern Supercarrier Antero.

Information on this mission is limited, there are some videos, two of which are from Illegal Wanderer who posts both his 800 million Isk losses for all to see. There is an interesting video from Saya Len showing a Cerberus tanking happily, unfortunately it takes almost 40 minutes to finish. There is an old video by the Gentleman Gamer who tests a Gila and two Vigilant fits without success. It provides visual explanations of why the tank failed and what not to do.

There are some forum posts and comments. Jori McKie’s prestigious burner posts are silent and the only ship fit listed was tested on SISI and posted by Chainsaw Plankton in Sep 15.

Most people who talk about this mission say that it is a waste of time, too hard and pointless. The main complaint was that the reward was pathetic compared to other Burner Missions. The ship bounties for this mission only net 13.5 million Isk. The killboards list hundreds of pilots who have lost billions of Isk trying, and failing, to conquer this mission.

All of them killed by a few drones.
How hard could it be?

Medium Hybrid Specialization 5 clicked over the other day so I thought I would jump on the test server and give this mission a try.


Not sure what the fuss is about, this will be a breeze…

3 waves each of 3 modified drones starting with The Dragonfly and followed by The Mantis . No other incoming damage from the Wyvern. Looking at the stats these guys are pimped to the max. No wonder people were having difficulty with this mission.

I selected the Vigilant to run this as I had all skills at level 5 and the fit was inexpensive and easily replaced. The only module that wasn’t readily available was the Federation Stasis Webbifier. As it was there were a few on market around the area so it wasn’t an issue.

Excitedly I accepted the mission, warped to the system and to the gate where I paused for a last minute check of modules, ammo and repair paste. I activated the gate and warped in to find the Supercarrier and 3 modified Dragonflies waiting.

30 seconds later I had no shields.
1 minute and 15 seconds, after landing, I killed the first Dragonfly.
2 minutes, after landing, I burnt my armour repairer out.
3 minutes and 14 seconds after landing I was sitting in my pod wonder what had happened.

Like all Anomic Burner missions, this one is an assault on the senses and didn’t disappoint, if anything it made me more determined to finish it. I scoured the video playback to see what happened and hindsight is a wonderful thing. I mismanaged the overload of the modules and failed to maintain speed.

I have since successfully completed this mission on Singularity, but not with great confidence. I want to give it a few more tries and perfect my approach before I take it to the live server.

Till then,
Fly Safe as Always,

FINALLY – Completed on Live Server 25 Apr 17. Video and post up shortly


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