Refineries and me or new goo

Moon Goo.

For 10 years I have played around the edges of moon goo by using small POS sites to extract materials for sale on the market. Finding a moon that is cost effective isn’t easy. Finding a moon that is cost effective and not already covered by a tower is almost impossible.

I have been lucky at times and found the right combination of barely profitable and unencumbered. I have enjoyed uninterrupted mining for extended periods and I put this down to the lack of profit generated by the moon and the absence of players in NPC controlled zero security space.

NPC Null used to be the place that small alliances cut their teeth before moving into deep null. In 2006 my corporation joined a fledgling alliance and moved to Low security space. The reason for the graduated move was to see if the alliance was viable and the various corporations could withstand the rigors of Null sec space. Once the teething period was over we all transited to Syndicate and our new home in PC9-AY. The learning experience began again. The next move was to Fountain and true null sec space to call home.
While the history of that move and the subsequent fail cascade are the subject of conflicting histories, the progression behind the move to deep null was seen, at the time, to be a normal progression for fledgling alliances. High – Low – NPC Null and then onto the big time…

I don’t follow alliance politics so I don’t know is this type of ‘prove yourself’ progression still exists or if renting is the norm.

What I do know is that the little corner of Syndicate that I call my second home has been quiet for almost 6 years. While various groups have been in residence over that time, there hasn’t been a concerted effort to stamp a claim and populate the region by anyone. NPC null can’t be claimed outright, it offers existing NPC stations, good ratting, missions and anomalies without the tedium of Sov issues. Throwing up towers and having a 23/7 presence is as good as a claim.

Both Promethium moons my area are held by pet alliances, acting on behalf of the majors, and have been for some time. They have POS guardians who refuel and replenish and enjoy a totally passive income. Anyone with plans to reinforce the tower will be met with overwhelming force.

This situation provides me with a wonderful base that has so little traffic that sometimes the system has as little as 12 jumps a day. Mostly locals ratting or the moon goo guardians.

Fast forward to the introduction of Moon Refineries and I am guessing that anyone who read the Dev Blog or the great articles by Wilhem, Neville or Drackarn can see the writing on the wall for those of us that live in quiet backwaters. My days of absentmindedly picking up planetary interaction materials while occasionally glancing at local are finished. Anchoring a 1hr POS to compress minerals will be out as well. Twelve jumps a day will change to 100+ and using my anomaly carrier is definitely over.

Almost all the things I enjoy about my special place will be disrupted.

Good or Bad?

Bring it on!
Anything that makes the big guys work for their Isk is fine by me.
I will find opportunities,  I will adapt and survive.
It is what Eve is all about.

Fly Safe as Always,

(and yes, I am jumping stuff out as fast as I can 🙂 )


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