Following your own rules

I had a quick and unintentional break from Eve last week that saw me away from my main computer and not within striking distance of anything that could cope with the client. During that time my subscription expired and I didn’t think much of it.

Back in front of my machine I logged into my Alpha for fun, to see what it was like and just how much stuff wasn’t available.


Importantly, I noted in a post last week that missions declined from a conversation outside the agents station resulted in another mission automatically lining up but not showing in the journal. I confirmed this with my main station agent by requesting a mission then opening a conversation outside the station and declining the offer. The mission was removed from my journal, another must have been started automatically and not added to the journal because logging in after 7 days presented me with a message from the agent indicating an offer I was unaware of had expired.

While in Alpha I noticed that my training had stopped, no real issue with that, I have missed entire weeks during the last 10 years so a single day wasn’t going to make that much of a difference. Caldari Cruiser V was finished and that was all I was interested in.

I logged into account management and re-subbed for the next 6 months.
Back in the game as an Omega, I noticed the skill training queue was still paused which means that even if I had managed to re-sub with the account expired and in Alpha state, the training would have remained stopped until I opened the client.
I wonder if that would have happened if I had not logged in as an Alpha? probably.

Next thing was to ask my main agent for another mission and got an Anomic Team Enyo. Undocked the Garmur and noticed I had the wrong rockets loaded. Reloaded to Nova and proceeded to the site.
Here is where I forgot to follow my own rules. I didn’t check the modules before I activated the gate.

Once inside the mission I realised the rockets were offline. Might have had something to do with logging in as an Alpha.  I was never going to be able to get 95% capacitor so I had to bail out and limp home with my tail between my legs. I quit the mission (following my own rules after all – never go back into an Anomic Team mission).

Back in the station I logged out of Eve and back in. Put the rockets on-line and asked for another mission. This time it was a Anomic Agent Blood Raider. Jumped in the Wolf, double checked everything, flew to the site and successfully destroyed the Cruor.

I doubt I will ever be ‘good’ at Eve.

I do know that I still enjoy it !

Fly Safe as Always






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