Mission weirdness

This might be working as intended and I need to do a lot more research to prove it but a strange thing happened the other day…

Cue ‘spooky music’…

I run Anomic Burner missions and to get as many in the journal as possible I have eight Level 4 Security agents within reasonable jump range of my home base. I run two characters across all the agents and request missions from each of them. When I get anything other than an Anomic Mission, or an Anomic I can’t run, I have the option to decline and ask for another mission. If the new mission isn’t Anomic I just move onto the next agent and leave the offer open.

Due to the way Eve agents work, I get the option to decline the first offer and ask for another. When I do that a timer starts and I have 4 hours before I can decline the second offer without the loss of standing. The loss is to the Corp, not the Faction and it isn’t much. Some guides advocate mission spamming and incurring the loss of standing to the corp you are running the missions for so that you maximize your chance of an Anomic mission.
I don’t run it that way, opting to wait out the timer and try another agent.

I like a clean mission journal so when I know I won’t be getting around to visiting an agent for a while I open the journal, find agents who’s 4 hour counter has expired and start a conversation with them. In the new window I decline the mission, they say something nasty and we all get on with our lives. The mission is no longer shown as on offer in my journal. Declining a mission without visiting an agent isn’t new, the option has been around as long as I can remember.

So it was a bit of a shock when I opened a conversation with an agent I hadn’t visited for a while and requested a mission only to find that mission would expire in 3 hours. The only thing I can think of is that when I declined the original mission via the journal the agent automatically offered me a new mission…. or….. it was the original mission that didn’t get declined and I just happened to turn up a week after I requested it the first time.

Someone is bound to jump in and say ‘oh yeah, that is such and such’ but honestly this is the first time I have noticed it.

In other news:
I have now loaded all my video’s on YouTube that cover the Anomic Agent, Team and Base missions. The only ones missing are the Wyvern and Ashimu Base missions, will get to them soon enough.

Every day there are more and more pilots losing ships when there is no need. There are fits that work and videos to watch, so stop losing ships!

That’s about it for this week, except I have Fuzzy Steve on my ballot and am still trying to figure out who else should get my vote. So much  info to wade through that I wonder if it is worth the effort.
I remember the first CSM and I used to fly with one of the original members. A lot has changed since then, but hopefully they are back on track of oversight rather than direction.

Fly Safe as Always,





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