Feb News

I have been keeping track of the income produced by Anomic Missions and the number completed.
With February almost over I figured I would let you know how it went.

Anomic Agent Missions
Angel Dramiel – 8
Gurista’s Worm – 6
Sansha Succubus – 2
Serpentis Daredevil – 5
Blood Raiders Cruor – 5

Anomic Team Missions
Enyo – 6
Hawk – 7
Jaguar – 14
Vengeance – 5

Anomic Base Missions
Talos – 6
Angel Transport – 4

Total ship bounties = 504 million Isk
Which doesn’t take into account the Loyalty Points.

Drops over 5 million Isk in value
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Caldari Navy Warp Disruptor
Shadow Serpentis 1Mn AfterBurner

I have been slack this month and only playing about an hour a day. In contrast, during January the total ship bounties came to 813 million and I completed almost twice the number of Agent and Team Missions. 108 as opposed to 58. Base missions have remained about the same, however one of the interesting patterns to emerge from this is the number of Anomic Base missions offered.  The total across January is 13 x Talos, February is 6 x Talos and 4 x Angel Transport.

Which makes me wonder if there is a link between capability and offers. My ability to complete the Angel Transport and Guardians mission began at the end of January when I managed to fit and fly the Vigilant.
Given that my activity was down, and I wasn’t asking for as many missions in February, I find it interesting that the number of Base missions is similar but split evenly across the two I am capable of. Does my added capability increase the amount offered?
Who knows, Eve is odd at the best of times.

I haven’t lost any ships this month, touch wood.
That doesn’t mean I haven’t had any heart in throat moments… I have.
Unfortunately the funniest episode one didn’t make it to YouTube due to the quality of the recording, but needless to say it was one of those days when everything that could go wrong did. It started with targeting a structure instead of a Burner and just went down hill from there..

Speaking of YouTube, I have posted my Anomic Agent, Team and Base videos as a guide. They are not perfect but they do show the fit and the strategy. They are linked on the blog posts and Burner main pages.

Caldari Navy Cruiser in 15 days 🙂
Looking forward to giving the Ashimu Base mission a run.

Ordered and received a T Shirt from   RixxJavix RedBubble collection  the other day – Awesome.

Fly Safe as Always