Polarized Garmur for Anomic Team

Most knowledge bases list the Polarized Rocket Garmur as a viable fit for Anomic Team missions. My understanding of Polarized weapons was that they provided great damage per second but strip away any damage resistances the ship had.
Fitting these weapons and watching the resists disappear scared me. I thought it was a recipe for disaster.

Until now.

Late last year I was trolling the killboards and came across a loss to a Burner Daredevil that probably shouldn’t have happened. FoolMeOnce had lost a Hawk with a full cargo of Cap boosters. The fit was recommended, and that’s why I was interested so I messaged him in game expecting to be ignored, but like a good sport he replied and said that a momentary distraction had seen his launchers burn out which had caused the loss. I mentioned a recent Garmur loss and he suggested a Polarized fit.
(Hindsight is a wonderful thing – sure both of us could have saved the ships using various measures, live and learn…)

The suggestion of a Polarized fit got me interested and I tested the rocket fit on Singularity against each of the Anomic Team missions with great success. The Polarized fit is about 250 to 300 million Isk cheaper depending on how you finish it. It kills the Logistics ships very quickly and doesn’t rely on the chance that your ECM will achieve a jam. Anyone that has missed 8 cycles of ECM against a Burner, even though they have perfect skills, will appreciate these fits.

I spent some time testing, I used the same rigs from the Missile Garmur fit and it worked. I removed a Missile  Guidance Computer and added a Target Painter trying several variations. I tested the fit with the Guidance Computers and Target Painters off. After about 8 missions I was happy with the results.

The main consideration is that you have to be very careful when setting the orbit. This wasn’t so critical when using the Missile fit. Double MGC II’s will range your missiles out to 29km’s but a good effective orbit is 20 to 25 kms. For the Team Jaguar 25km’s is recommended due to its fall off, any closer and there is a chance you will get hit.
Set the orbit and wait for the Logistics ships to close orbit around the main burner. They should all fall into your orbit at under 25km’s in a minute or so. Target one and give it some rocket loving.
If the tank doesn’t break then it is your skills that need adjusting. In every test I managed to kill the Logistics Ships without overloading any modules.

Following is a list of Team missions and their completion dates:

Imperial Navy Vengeance and Inquisitor06 Feb 17
Ammo: Caldari Navy Nova Rockets (189) for the Inquisitor’s and Caldari Navy Inferno (72) for the Vengeance.
Orbit: 20km

Caldari Navy Hawk and Bantam06 Feb 17
Ammo: Caldari Navy Mjolinir Rockets (180) for both.
Consumed: 180
Orbit:  20km

Republic Fleet Jaguar and Burst06 Feb 17 
Ammo: Caldari Navy Mjolinir Rockets (138) for the Burst and Caldari Navy Scourge (60) for the Jaguar.
Orbit:  25km

Federation Navy Enyo and Navatas – 30 Jan 17 
Ammo: Caldari Navy Nova Rockets for both.
Consumed: 250
Orbit:  20km

I have decided to stick with this fit.
There are plenty of others but this works for me

Level 5 Skills, No Skill Hardwiring Implants
[Polarized Rocket Garmur]
Republic Fleet Ballistic Control System
Republic Fleet Ballistic Control System
Republic Fleet Ballistic Control System

Parallel Enduring Target Painter
Missile Guidance Computer II
Missile Guidance Computer II
5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive

Polarized Rocket Launcher
Polarized Rocket Launcher
Polarized Rocket Launcher

Small Hydraulic Bay Thrusters II
Small Rocket Fuel Cache Partition II
Small Warhead Flare Catalyst I

Caldari Navy Mjolnir Rocket x 2000
Caldari Navy Inferno Rocket x 2000
Caldari Navy Scourge Rocket x 2000
Caldari Navy Nova Rocket x 2000
Missile Range Script x2

Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System’s are the same specs as Republic Fleet, use what you can get. If you can’t afford it there are T2 BCS fits that use a Co Processor and work just as well. The Parallel Enduring Target Painter has a lower activation cost to help you maintain a stable cap. You can swap it out for a Phased Scoped TP if you want.

A Double Target Painter version is recommended when using Tech 2 rockets but I didn’t test that, I have a hanger full of Navy ones to finish first.

I have started using this fit on the live server and will be updating the pages as I go along. It is fast and efficient and cost effective.

Fly Safe as Always,



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