‘Boing’ said Zebedee.

I am showing my age here, but I remember the Magic Roundabout. I am not sure if Zebedee actually said Boing or went Boing but either way it is a very good description of the state of play in Eve at the moment.
I wouldn’t be surprised if I Dougal was hiding behind the monument at Jita.

My connection to the world isn’t brilliant but I don’t normally have issues with Eve. Almost all the performance problems I used to suffer were solved by a cash injection, a new computer and a half decent graphics card.
Since the YC118 roll back things have started going astray.

I first noticed something odd in a Burner mission. Given the cost of my fits it isn’t somewhere you want performance issues to occur. I was set in orbit around a Vengeance and the orbit was stuttering. That is the best way to describe it. It was anything but smooth. I had plenty of distance to play with but it was disconcerting as the orbit began to decay and then jump back. An Agent mission the following day made me rethink the worth of continuing. I almost lost a ship in a simple click and kill mission.

One of the strange side effects was jumping through a warp gate, landing on the other side and then getting a message that “traffic control at XXX has delayed your jump by 162 seconds”. Seriously? I am already there… hang on, I am back in the warp tunnel.

I haven’t lost anything to this ‘rubber-banding’ but I am sure the GM’s are flat out with reimbursements and petitions.

CCP Falcon assures us it is being fixed but until it is I will choose my missions carefully, might even do a bit of mining… lol.

On other news, Singularity will be mirrored soon. They have taken a database snapshot and will be working in the next few days to deploy it. That means I will be able to test the Vigilant fit on the Anomic Base – Escort Dramiel and Angel Transport mission.

However I might just wait till Zebedee and Dougal have gone to bed…
Good Night little ones.

Fly Safe as Always,


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