Singularity Mirror Due

For those of you that use Singularity to test fits, understand new structures and do a bit of PvP training at no real cost – it is time to fill the hangers with all the stuff you think you might need for the next few months.

More often than not the items I need to test the Burner missions are not readily available. Things like dead space modules and faction gear. A lot of what you might think would be available on the markets isn’t and that includes normal items. After a mirror the majority of sales orders are wiped. A trip up the pipe to Jita returns poor pickings. An Alt in each trade hub can help, but some items are seeded outside the normal hubs. It is a shame that Eve-Central doesn’t capture Singularity but I guess that would be a waste of resources.

If I buy items on Tranquillity before the mirror they are available to me on Singularity once the patch is done.

With that in mind I bought the fittings for a rocket Garmur, mainly the polarized rocket launchers, and a Vigilant. I am really keen to try out the Garmur and the Vigilant in an arena that comes without the cost if I do manage to lose them. One of the good things about the test server is that the loot fairy is very generous and most of your fit will be available if you screw it up. I have known wrecks to be available well past the 2-3 hour normal cycle.

CCP have said that the mirror will occur in the 2nd or 3rd week of January. Now that the second week has gone, there isn’t much time left, but be under no illusion.
Singularity is there for CCP Dev’s to use.

Players are invited but it isn’t a right.

Fly Safe as Always,


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