200 million Skill Points


I saw this the other day and was slightly annoyed that I missed it. I knew it was coming up but like the odometer on a car it ticked over and I missed the screen shot. It was something to be celebrated.

The list shows an eclectic collection of skill groups. Jack of all trades, master of none, but that is a superficial view of what is presented. I am a Minmatar specialist and until recently the only racial skills I had were the other three Frigates. I am pretty much maxed out in Minmatar ships and module types. The science and processing skills are a remnant of my days as an industrialist alt. The skills fit the need. I could extract them but don’t need the isk so for the time being they stay put.

Ten years ago I remember being awestruck at a player who said in rookie chat that he had managed to change his skill plan and never miss a second. That was pretty awesome because the 24 hour plan was a total pain. There was no way I was going to set the alarm for a 2am skill change. The recent change to the way skills are queued has gone a long way to removing that hassle but even so it is still possible to have a queue run out.

During my Alliance days +5 implants were all the rage because you trained so much faster. Personally I couldn’t see the rush. The most I tended to fit were +4’s that came as rewards from storylines. I had let my skill queue run out more times than I could remember. I had missed whole weeks because the game didn’t highlight the fact that the queue had ended. Now it is up there in red and you get a message.

There used to  be some great third party tools (like Evemon and BattleClinic) to plan and manage skill queues. Useful options like identifying everything you needed to fly a specific ship fit and listing the books you needed to buy. No injecting skills or attribute remapping back then. Some of the plans even went so far as to alert you that the skill would come out during downtime because downtime was 45 minutes if you were lucky, several days if you weren’t.

No bitter vet syndrome from me. Thanks for the changes CCP, I appreciate them.

I haven’t used a planner for about 6 years and after a quick search was pleased to see that they hadn’t all died out. A new look, at an old idea, by Legedric Striker is modernising platform possibilities. The result is EVE-Skillplan which looks promising.

My attitude to planning hasn’t changed much, I don’t chase the new shiny thing. I just aim for what I need to do next and line it up. Sometimes that means just finishing level 5 on something to fill the gap while I figure out what to do next. My recent foray into Burner Missions has proven to be a learning curve, no pun intended, and seen a move towards training skills I never would have considered.

Medium Blaster Specialisation – not something I envisaged.

Fly Safe as Always,








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