Avoidable loss

I normally don’t post mid week but something funny happened on the way to the shops.

Caldari Navy Cap Booster 400’s are the bane of my existence at the moment. They are the life blood of all the Anomic Agent missions and I chew through them like a fat kid in a pie shop (those who know me in person understand that is a dig at myself, but feel free to hate 🙂  To assist in reducing overheads I decided to run a transport ship down to Dodixie where the cost of 400’s is almost normal. The idea was to grab a few hundred and cart them back to my mission area.

I am usually very careful when transiting the Colelie gate as it is the known haunt of unscrupulous pilots who pounce on juicy targets of opportunity. The decision I faced was wether I made five jumps to my home base to pick up a relatively cheap transport or use the Prowler that was sitting in the hanger.

The Prowler is a blockade runner and, like its sister ships, immune to all cargo scanners. That immunity is more of a curse than a bonus. The inability to scan the cargo means that the ship is an automatic target – sort of like a piñata. If you don’t smash it open you will never know what is inside.

My Prowler was poorly fit for quick runs into Low Sec space. I had used it several times to do, annoying but necessary, courier storylines. Normally I would use another account to scout ahead and make sure the route was safe, not this time. I was running two accounts and watching progress across two screens.

The transport was slowly making its way to Dodixie and every now and then I would look across and select ‘warp to’ the next gate. I wasn’t really paying attention and we all know how this ends.

Laziness cost me 130 mill. Loss Mail

No hard feelings, it is the cost of doing business in New Eden.

I even gave the pilots a ‘gf’ in local 🙂

Fly Safe as Always,

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