Why Burner?

I have had my fair share of shiny things during my ten years in Eve.  One of the more memorable experiences, many years ago, was a Centum A-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane dropped from an anomaly in Providence. Back then it was listed in Jita at just under a billion Isk. Today it is just shy of half a billion. I tend to hold onto things and have a container in my main staging area, all the shiny stuff goes in there.

Having and using shiny stuff are two different things.

I started the Burner Missions partly out of curiosity and partly because for the first time in Eve I was in a position to risk the amount of Isk required to make a decent show of it. When I looked at the fits that Jori McKie suggested I realised I had quite a few of the expensive modules sitting in my hanger. I also had enough LP to purchase many of the faction items that would be needed.

For some people Eve is an all risk game, they go balls out from the beginning and risk it all for the inevitable reward. My game strategy is, and always has been, completely different. I start slowly and am averse to losing stuff. If you check my kill-board you will see just how averse I am to losing stuff. [Eve isn’t a PvP game for everyone, and neither should it be]

I attempted a Burner Mission when they first launched. There was very little information and I lost a Wolf and a Jaguar trying to beat them. I gave up and didn’t revisit them till recently. Being risk averse I ran every mission several times on the test server. And it was this practice on the test server that removed the risk. I practiced until I had enough experience to make it a rewarding adventure.

Doing Burner missions has its benefits. People have complained since they launched that the missions can only be done in stupidly expensive ships, they are mostly right, but there are some cheap fits out there. Having said that I can’t seem to get any of the cheap fits to work so I use the stupidly expensive ones.

The reward for risking those expensive ships is the amount of Isk and Loyalty Points generated as well as the faction drops. I have a Burner drop Container for all the shiny stuff. Yesterday it ticked over 1.5 billion Isk thanks to the very tasty drop of a Shadow Serpentis Damage Control. I tend to get a faction drop every third mission. Contrary to the advice in the forums, the Talos mission doesn’t seem to have the monopoly on good drops.

Having said that, the Burner Talos Mission is my favourite. It is quick and easy to complete and pulls 21 million in bounties alone. I use a pimped Vagabond and have only had a few heart racing moments when I thought the tank wouldn’t hold.
The ship is solid and tested. I must have run five missions on the test server before I tried a live one.

So it pains me to look at zKillboard for December and see two Vagabonds that didn’t make it. Both are decent fits but they are  not the right fits. Both pilots risked shiny stuff and lost. All props to them for brining the shiny stuff, but try the test server next time.

So why Burner?
When you get it right it provides a great reward for your risk. Manage the risk and reap the reward.

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Fly Safe as Always,


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