New Player Experience

My first look at Inception.
Now that CCP have allowed empty character slots on existing accounts to utilise the New Player Experience, I fired up my expired Omega account and promptly became an Alpha.

My new character rudely dumped into a pile of wreckage with an annoying woman screaming at me and no idea what to do next except adjust the sound in the hope that I don’t miss what she is saying….

  • Took me a while to figure out that there was a drop down text of what was being said, no hint on how that was accessed.
  • Tool Tips, as they are lovingly known, block out any attempts to see what’s going on and cover the HUD.
  • I killed the second seeker too soon and the game glitched.
  • The voice tells me I am in a primary position to use weapon… I am 20 km’s away and not in a primary position.
  • Why tell me to stop my ship? Why would I do that?
  • It also wants me to used the radial menu, why force a control method rather than show options and seriously, do I have to stop my ship again?
  • And last but not least the .CODE team must be cheering at the lesson in Auto Pilot.

The problem with an old player testing a new system is that they have an expectation, they know what works and what doesn’t, they have their favourite controls and ways of doing things.
I didn’t like being told to do things differently when there didn’t seem to be a valid reason for doing it that way.

I am being too harsh because I expect the game to behave in a predetermined manner and it didn’t. What I need to do is ask someone to run the ‘experience’, someone who has never played the game and see what they think… that is the real test.

Compared to what used to be available I think this is a really good addition. I loved it but it needs work. Work that should have been done before launch.

Welcome new players! get used to CCP’s shipping buggy unfinished stuff that gets tweaked later, maybe.

Fly Safe as Always,




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