I read other peoples Blogs because I am time poor.

By that I mean that I don’t have the time to immerse myself in the game and read everything about it. Reading other peoples stuff not only gives me a feel for how others perceive the game, it brings me up to date on things I would have otherwise missed. I don’t read the official Eve Online forums, Dev Blogs or Reddit and this isolates me from a wealth of information.

Take for instance this mornings reading, Neville Smit has an interesting article on the possible sale of CCP and Wilhelm Arcturus discusses the Top Five Problems with Eve Online.

Neville’s post had me looking to see if the two reasonably silent backers of CCP were publically listed. They aren’t.

Wilhelm’s post had me laughing at the complexity of our game but provided a timely reminder of the difficulty new players face in deciphering the jargon. “When EVE Online players speak or write about the game, we often drop into the jargon of the game, made more dense by our own shorthand for in-game concepts, that makes understanding what is going difficult for the outsider.”

So when I opened the blog this morning, and saw that I had a visitor from Lithuania, I thought it was about time that I cleaned up my technical gameplay posts to make them easier to understand. The Burner Mission series is getting a fair bit of attention and I spent last week putting a format in place so that each page presented in a similar fashion.

It is a work in process.

In game?
During the week I finished my run to Zero Security space and visited my Planetary Colonies to empty the Launch Pad’s and Storage Unit’s on Moons where my Planetary Interaction Command Centres, Extractor Control Units and Basic Industry Facilities are set up. [Eve speak: I jumped to null and did PI]

Space is still empty with 40,000 players online concurrently. While I have seen a few lost Reaper, Ibis, Impairor and Velator’s floating aimlessly around gates I haven’t seen the numbers in local jump all that much. At my base of operations in Zero Security space the silence was deafening. New Players creation is falling. We are three weeks in and while the numbers in game are encouraging, the number of new player creations is not being sustained. I guess that is to be expected as the hype wears off and the universe returns to normal. As I said before, it is way too early to tell if Ascension has worked.

Last week there was an improvement to Inception :
“All new characters that are created on accounts that existed before the release of Ascension, will now receive the new NPE.”
CCP must have finally figured out that the stats would be skewed by all the current accounts creating unlinked dummy accounts to enjoy the new experience?

And that is where I leave it this week as I have two characters with eight Anomic Missions lined up waiting to be done.

Fly Safe as always