A month of Anomic Missions

Just thought I would post some thoughts based on where I am in Eve and how this month went. I have been focusing on Anomic Missions and have posted some rough and ready guides to help curious capsuleers out. They seem to be attracting viewers from all over the world. I apologise in advance if my English doesn’t translate well.

On the Anomic side of things I am still enjoying the missions. The Team missions are not as interesting as they used to be and have become a bit of a grind. I do them in the hope that a Base or Agent mission is next. Don’t get me wrong, they still have the potential to make me regret my ‘oh this is easy’ attitude and a wrong move will see me 1/2 a billion out of pocket. I show them the respect they deserve, but don’t get the same buzz doing them as I used too.

Speaking of Isk, a quick troll through Bounty Prizes (not Bounty Prize) and Agent Rewards in the wallet shows I am have solidly recouped the initial investment. The ships are paid for and I haven’t included the drops in that figure. I now see the lure of these missions, I can talk to 8 agents with 2 characters and normally get 3 or 4 missions. I run those in about 15 minutes and walk away with 25 million in bounties and agent rewards. If I am lucky and score a Base Talos mission I will be 21 million ahead for 10 minutes work.

Sure, I could be making 1/2 a billion an hour in a wormhole or deep null but I am not in either place and this sure beats flogging level 4 missions.


One of the new features of Ascension is the fitting tool. I love it, long overdue and a great asset. One of the things I don’t like is the estimated value of your ship based on the modules fitted. While I can see why this is a great feature, it has a nasty habit of reminding me just how much Isk I am risking for what seems to be a paltry reward.

I am still working on conquering the other three Base missions, the Wyvern, the Ashimu and the Angel Escort. Currently training Gallente Cruiser and will follow that with Cladari Crusier. I need to be able to fly a Gila and a Vigilant. Both of which are hideously expensive, compared to what I am using, so there will be a lot of work on the test server before I commit to a live run.

Ascension seems to have brought the punters in, the numbers are back to 2014 peaks of around 40k. Will the Ascension boost last, I seriously doubt it but it is way too early to crow about success or failure, it is something that needs to be revisited early next year. What was apparent in early 2014 was a groundswell of player annoyance in the way CCP were treating them. Some interesting reading in others archives. How did I feel back then, what was I doing… no idea which is one of the reasons I started this blog. It is a personal chronical of what is happening for me.

To that end I continue to pull PI out of Null Sec, my planets are not optimised for maximum production but they sever a purpose, minimal effort for maximum reward. I fly down once a fortnight and fill the freighter up for the jump back. Swap out to a normal freighter and make the trip to the markets. It takes a day of my time to coordinate everything but it is worth the effort and keeps the Isk flowing.

Anomic and PI is about where my game is at the moment. Next week it might be something different and that is what I love about Eve.
Just one last note, the industrial arrays were not selected on the general overview as default, so if you are like me and flying around wondering where they are, check your overview settings.

Edit: Spoke too soon. Lost a Garmur today by making a serious error.
The first one hurts.

Fly Safe as Always,


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