Fine Print

Prior to the release of Ascension I didn’t read all the information available on Alpha Clones. I was too busy trying to get my head around the industrial changes. From what I did read I felt their introduction wouldn’t have much of an effect on the way I played. My only interest was resurrecting an old account and to that end I tried to keep abreast of the information that would allow me to do that.

Now that Ascension has launched, and I have had some time to look at that old account, and there are a few things I should really have paid attention to. Bit late now, but not all is lost. My old account is active again, even if it is in Alpha State.

One disappointment was that Alpha’s can’t be run while an Omega account is being used. The character screen opens, but you can’t activate a character from the Alpha account. I was going to wrap up my Alpha affairs while doing a freighter run, but now it seems I have to run the new Alpha sessions separately.

This could be a good thing, although inconvenient for my purpose. CCP Seagull said back in August: We have not decided whether the simultaneous log on restrictions from the current trial system will apply to Alpha Clones. The decision will partly depend on your feedback, as well as our technical investigations over the coming months.  Looks like their investigations and the concerns of the player base made their mind up.

Can two Alpha Accounts be opened on the same client?  No they can’t, which is probably in response to the community’s concerns about farming, multi-boxing and ganking.
Speaking of farming, one of the more contentious issues, when it came to Alpha’s was Skill extraction. Interesting to see that is not possible. An Alpha clone doesn’t meet the minimum 5.5million SP to use an extractor. They can inject up to 5 mill.

I look at my opening screen and my toon has 6,696,369 SP. Looks like I missed the opportunity to Skill Farm. This toon is pre-Ascension. When I enter the game I have great swathes of yellow on my skill list and my total available SP is 1,341,696. A total of 18 skills disabled. This toon was a general helper with basic mining and gunnery skills. I can just imagine what a seasoned account might look like if they decided to re-activate.
Contracts are restricted to one at a time, the movement of Isk isn’t and I managed to drain the Alpha wallet and move almost 300 mill over to my main.

I have Biomassed one toon to free up a slot so I can try out the New Player Experience. It has been a long time since I have started a new toon. If the write up and video by Nosy Gamer is anything to go by I am looking forward to it, even if I take into account his disappointment in the end state.

EDIT: All new characters that are created on accounts that existed before the release of Ascension, will now receive the new NPE.
This can be skipped at any time, by clicking the icon in the Info Panel but you will not be able to resume or come back to Inception. We encourage you all to try it out!

Great Eve Support article here : Quick Facts -Alpha and Omega




2 thoughts on “Fine Print

  1. You need a new account to get the NPE, a new character on an old account won’t work (you’ll get the opportunity system).


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