Update: All accounts active and tested in-game. Not willing to jinx it and try the account management screen.

Ok, I am annoyed.
Last month, like a dutiful Eveite, I verified the email address of my accounts.

Today, I logged in to enjoy Ascension and so far I only have one account operating and even then I am sure that was a fluke.

Check my email… sure. Nothing, spam folder nothing, save nothing, inbox nothing, refresh, log out, log in, refresh, get mail, get mail, nothing, nothing.

15 minutes later it arrives.. Whooo Hoooo enter code in launcher and it is invalid!

Unfortunately the verification code has a 10 minute life. (see below)

The account I did manage to activate was accessed through the account management screen. The verification code was sent within a few minutes, I used it and accessed my account information.
I then opened a new session of the launcher and accessed that account. It didn’t require a verification code so I pinned it to save further issues which is unsecure and totally stupid, but it seems the only way to stop the verification merry-go-round.

During an early attempt my launcher tells me to enable cookies? WTF.. what browser is my launcher accessing?


Not happy.
I will give it an hour or so and try to repeat the account management route for another toon.

Hours up, the validation code took 22 minutes (CCP call this a short moment) and failed, predictably. Also be aware that the Two Factor code will only remain valid for 10 minutes… lol


The other funny one was that it accused me of having Google Authenticator on when trying to access the account management screen for a toon I haven’t tried yet. I don’t use that, or any other, authenticator.

I see the Dev’s just picked up on the Browser Cookie thing. Guess it is going to be a long day in in CCP land.

If you are in-game and flying, then:

Fly Safe As Always,

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