Ascension revisited.

My anger has dissolved, my irritation subsided.

I finally managed to get my main and second in-game and doing useful stuff like a Story-Line mission that snuck up after I logged yesterday.
Every time a battleship exploded I wondered what was going on. The new ‘splosions are big to say the least.
At the end of the mission I had to kill a large structure and my GPU went nuts. Both screens ‘yellowed’ out while chunks of debris flew past. Impressive but I wonder how it would be in a big fleet fight.

Also managed to get on-line with a long forgotten account. This one is an Alpha and the restrictions are immediately apparent. The Retriever my alt was in was no longer a valid ship so I reshipped back into the Rookie boat and headed back to its birth centre. I will test out the new alphas and the tutorial when I have some spare time. Good news was 250 mill Isk sitting in her account 🙂

Hope you all managed to get your log in sorted.

Fly Safe,





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