Glad I was on test…

I have been running Burner Missions on Tranquillity for a few weeks and posting the results here.  Before I run the mission on the live server, I make sure that the fit is suitable and run them on Singularity. Main reason for this is that the majority of fit’s are more than a year old.

It isn’t easy running them on test, there is a lack of good Faction and Dead Space modules on the market so setting up ships is hard. To counter that, once you have a fit then finding the agents to run isn’t that difficult. I head to Lustrevik because it has plenty of Level 4 Security Agents.

Anomic Agents and a Base for good measure

There are a few missions I haven’t run because I don’t have the ability to fly the ships required.
[Yeah I know pathetic isn’t it. A pilot with almost 200 million skill points and he can’t fly a Caldari Frigate.]
Over the last couple of weeks, and with the aid of the Blood Raiders Cerebral enhancers, I have conquered those gaps in my training. There are still a few things to do like Signal Dispersion 5 and Thermodynamics 5 but I have managed to get most of the things I need to fly the last missing boat – The mighty Hawk.

As soon as the skill was done I jumped in a Hawk and suited up for the mission against the Serpentis Daredevil. It was pretty uneventful and I was left disappointed. I will accept this on the live server and post the mission once it is done.

Another mission I hadn’t flown was the Angel Dramiel. I had the ship that most sites said could defeat it and the skills but hadn’t tried it on test. I got the opportunity after the Serpentis mission so figured I would give it a go. I put together a Daredevil using the same fit as Jori McKie’s Universal Daredevil .

I watched Illegal Wanderer’s Angel Cartel Anomic Agent Dramiel vs Daredevil  on YouTube and noticed he had buffed his tank by adding two dead space hardeners rather than one and a faction hardener. There wasn’t much between them so I decided to give it a go anyway.

Enter the site with one the Core B type Hardener overheated and lock and web the Angel Dramiel. So far so good. Guns on, repper on and I had him down to 100m/s. I was starting to bite through his shields when I got a succession of wrecking shots in a row and my tank was failing. I overheated the guns, overheated the second hardener and started to worry. He was in armour and I was burning through cap boosters trying to keep up.
Everything on the HUD was red. I was in structure and my repper was overheated. I decided all or nothing and overheated the Webs as well. Every single module was burning.

I had 23% structure left when he finally popped.

too close for my liking


Back to the drawing board.
I won’t be accepting this mission on the live server in the near future.
Fly Safe as Always,


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