Fire sale?

Having returned to High Security space, to run some burner missions, I found myself looking at contracts and laughing at scams. Contracts for stuff, good stuff, free stuff, and under priced stuff.

Buyer beware !

Trade hubs are normally awash with local chat offering all manner of things that just seem too good to be true, it is your own fault if you leave local open in Jita, but underneath the obvious attempts at fraud there was a hint of desperation.

Plenty of contract’s appeared to be true industrialist fire sales.
All those BPC’s and BPO’s that had provided a lifeblood to the little guy were now for sale. Forlorn owners passed through the systems spamming their contracts in local.
Most of them were genuine.

It wasn’t until I got back to my mission area that I started to realise the extent of the problem. They were everywhere, every system had someone trying to flog off their blueprints. Contracts with literally hundreds of items.
Almost all of them totally mundane T1 goods that didn’t warrant a second look.
The stuff markets are made of.

CCP Fozzie – where are your bold industrialists now?
Looks like the little guys are getting out while they can.

Fly Safe as Always


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