Anomic Agent – Guristas – Worm

Completed on Live Server – post Aug 17 patch – no issues.

Anomic Agent – Guristas – Worm – 21 Sep 17

My Daredevil vs Anomic Agent Gurista’s Worm

With Level 5 skills, this fit worked on the date above.
Here are some pilots who tried alternate fits – Burner Worm Kills

There wasn’t much recent information on this mission, or at least post Citadel expansion, most fits use a Stasis Webifier but they lost 5% of their velocity modifier during the last patch, so to be on the safe side I ran this twice on Singularity before risking it on Tranquillity.

The Enemy:
The Guristas Worm has a top speed of 3600m/s, can Warp Disrupt (1 point) out to 50Km’s, locks in less than 3 seconds. You must close the distance and Warp Scramble the Worm, to shut down its Micro Warp Drive, to have any chance of defeating him.
With that in mind it is a good idea to make sure everything is ready before you activate the gate.
Burner Worm Stats –  by Chruker

Before you activate the gate:
Set ‘keep at range’ to 1,200m   600m – 800m (once the yo yo finishes you should settle at 1100m.
Select ‘Overload’ on both Kinetic Hardeners.
Check all modules for damage, ensure guns are loaded, ensure Cap Booster is loaded and you have spare Cap Booster charges in the cargo hold.
Activate your Hardeners as you activate the gate, or when you land.

On Landing:
Make sure your Hardeners or on!
Target and approach.
Turn your MWD on.
Once you are hit by the first barrage of the Worm’s Missile’s turn off overheat on the Faction Kinetic Hardener.
Activate Warp Scrambler at 10 km’s (9,900m).
Turn off your MWD at 5km and select ‘keep at range’ [the reason you do this is to close the gap to less than 2,500m. With MWD on the best you will achieve is 2,400. With it off you will close to 100m but 1200m-1400m is sweet]
Activate guns at 3km’s – the closer you are the better.
Overload guns when the Worm is into armour. This can take a while. Be patient.
Maintain approach and don’t let him get outside 2,500m or you are wasting ammo.
Your Warp Scrambler will shut him down to 360m/s and you should be doing 460m/s.

Keep an eye on the Overload Heat Damage.
Keep an eye on your ships capacitor, you have plenty of Cap Boosters, use them.

Here is what really happened:
I arrived approx. 40km’s from the Worm and managed to align, approach and get speed up. I was locked and pointed and very shortly after hit by a barrage of missiles that stripped my shields off. The next volley took most of my armour and alarms were going off everywhere. I had the Hardeners overheated but had forgotten to turn them on.
The other reason is that it takes a while for the volley to catch you, when you slow down they all arrive at once. Rookie mistake that was almost fatal.
I managed to get them back on but burnt out the MWD in the process, which in hindsight saved me as the gap closed to less than 2,500m. If the Scram had burnt out it would have been all over. The rest of the fight was uneventful considering the start I had. I managed the cap and let the guns do the work only overheating them near the end. Even though I had nanite paste in the hold, I didn’t repair the MWD and only considered it after the battle.

Remember, He only has a Warp Disruptor [1 point] on you, if it all goes bad just align and run away. The point will drop after 50km’s. (that is of course if you still have MWD left)

Update: If you have trouble with heat generation damage in the low racks you can leave the Overload state off the Faction Hardener and just keep the Dead Space module overloaded. It is just insurance against the first barrage of missiles. Also spread the Hardeners to the outside slots to reduce heat dissipation.

Consumed – 112 Void s and 4 x Navy 400 Cap Boosters.

No Skill Hard-wiring Implants – Skills at Level 5
[Daredevil, this fit is slightly different from most.]
Centii or Corpii A-Type Small Armor Repairer
Core, Corpus or Centus B-Type Armor Kinetic Hardener
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Any Faction Armor Kinetic Hardener (except Domination and Republic)

Gistii or Coreli A-Type 5MN Microwarpdrive (whatever fits)
Faint Epsilon Scoped Warp Scrambler (Faction Scramblers if you have the Isk)
Small Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I

Light Neutron Blaster II – Void S
[Empty High slot or remote armor rep offline as a heat sink]
Light Neutron Blaster II – Void S

Small Anti-Kinetic Pump II
Small Auxiliary Thrusters II
Small Ancillary Current Router I




7 thoughts on “Anomic Agent – Guristas – Worm

  1. Glad it did, I haven’t tested this mission in a while and I am always nervous after a big expansion patch. CCP have a habit of fixing things that weren’t broken 🙂


  2. I used the alpha clone version of my main, without even having the lvl5 skill for t2 blasters, with modal light neutron particle accelerators, and caldari navy antimatter charge. Also, i used t1 cold-gas mwd, c-type repper and 2 dark blood kinetic hardener, and semiconductor memory cell instead of the auxiliary thrusters. For this, i had to run away, turn back and overheat mwd two or three cycles to catch it. If the first overheat cycle is damaging the mwd, then i wouldn’t risk more and just run away. The tank was still strong, but the damage was barely enough. I killed him with 91% damaged overheated guns. Maybe i started overheating the guns a little too early, but i definitely had to start when it was still in shield. Occasionally i overheated one of the hardeners too.


    • Good feedback.
      Like everything Eve there is an easy and a hard way. You chose the hard way which is cool.
      I guess the reason most people say that Level 5 skills are needed is because they blame skills when they fail. You have proven the skills don’t matter, just the pilot 🙂


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