Ascension – better late than never

Looks like the Ascension expansion has been delayed slightly and I don’t mind one bit. It is better to have a good product arrive late than a crappy one arrive on time.

So what do I know about the next episode of Eve?
Not much really. I am disappointed by talk of the unsuitability of the new Industrial complexes. All comments so far are that they will not allow a solo player, who has enjoyed years of POS based manufacture, to enjoy the same ability. Simply put they are not defendable a solo player. It will be interesting to see how this effects supply in the markets.

I have been doing a fair bit of time on the test server, practicing Burner missions, and noticed that the voices have changed. Warp Drive Active, Docking and Approaching Stargate are voiced by different people. Nothing earth shattering in that but after 10 years of the same voice actor saying the commands it was a bit weird and unsettling.

There are new NPC in belts and not only pirate NPC but NPC corporation miners and other industrials. More things to interact with if you are willing to take a standing hit. I came across 5 mining barges (Venture) operated by Astral Mining. They were blue, similar to Faction Navy and Concord and in the time honoured tradition of shooting something just for fun I attacked.

Astral Mining – Venture


The Astral Mining Ventures warped off with the exception of the one I had scrammed. I started eating away at his shields and the belt started filling with Astral Mining Frigates, Incursus, Maulus, Tristans and an Atron. There were about 8 in all and I was locked, painted and shot at in short order so I fled with my skirt held high. When I headed back out the Venture was alone and 80k off the belt (bug?) I finished him off and his buddies didn’t appear. The loot? some Veldspar. The standing hit? -0.005% for a Combat Ship Kill against Astral and nothing against the Race Faction – Gallente.

That’s about it for this week,

Fly Safe as Always,


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