So much news

Last week was a big news week for CCP and Eve in general. I won’t go over the lot in detail as Neville Smit has done far better job that I could. The stream by Manic Velocity had me laughing.

One of the issues I have with recent changes, and not so recent, is the way those changes put new content outside my grasp whereas in the past it was firmly in my grasp. Play style changes such as the new mining booster arrangements and Engineering Complexes bring with them another level of uncertainty.

I say uncertainty, because I am unsure how it will effect the way I play the game. Please don’t misunderstand this to be a whinge about change. I understand change is necessary and support it to an extent, what I am concerned about is playing the game I want and having the same effectiveness in my game time. The options, I relied on in the past, are slowly being removed. This isn’t a bad thing generally and makes me refocus on how I play the game, but it does make me question if I want to continue playing.

A common thread amongst bloggers is that recent changes, not just those listed, don’t favour the solo player. To that end I find myself looking for signs that the end is not neigh.

One sign that popped up the other day was in a Dev response by CCP Lebowski regarding Control Towers. He stated that “Towers aren’t going anywhere for now, as they still have functionality that new structures don’t yet offer. Rest assured that you’ll be informed when we’re closer to reaching feature parity! “. Good news indeed as I still use my towers occasionally to compress ore and carry out a few building projects. Once that option is removed however I will be less functional in game and unable to carry out simple tasks. The new Engineering Complexes appear to be well outside my ability to launch and maintain.

On the mining front the new Industrial ship, the ‘Porpoise’, could provide me with a boost for my alternate account, but I doubt my Orca will see the outside of the hanger again as my fleet composition was usually an Orca and a couple of Hulks. I am guessing that three Macks warping to a POS would be just as effective. Last week I did get back down to Null to do some very overdue maintenance, grab some PI and had a few hours spare before the clone timer expired so I decided to re-fit my Mack and grab some Crokite. The fit change wasn’t difficult, I just added a Strip II and undocked. I don’t have the maxed out figures pre change so I can’t provide an analysis but it didn’t seem that different. Seven minutes to fill the hold while running solo was about what it used to be.

With all the recent news I almost missed the CSM 11 minutes. I have downloaded a copy and will read them sometime today, but the thing that struck me in the first few pages was that CCP had a roadmap for the rest of the year but after that it was pretty much open. I am surprised that CCP don’t have a 3,5 and 10 year Road map but the more I think about it the more it seemed to indicate that CSM members would have little or no say in the intended features for roll out this year. Either way we are in for a roller coaster ride and wether I agree with the effects on my solo play style or not, I believe change in the game is a good thing.

Slightly off topic:
I jumped onto Singularity the other day to fit out for Burner missions and see if I could get a better understanding of how they worked without losing a heap of ships and isk. This isn’t the first time I have looked at Burner missions, I had a go when they first came out and lost a Wolf to an Angel Dramiel.
Sigurd Fafnisbane came along for the ride and it didn’t help much.

I had read what was required and died, so this time I figured education was the key. Burner fits can be found everywhere. They don’t vary much and that is a good thing. The ‘how too’ doesn’t vary much either. Plenty of you tube videos around as well. What isn’t a good thing is getting all the necessary bits together to fit out the ship. The test server doesn’t hold all the market seeded faction kit when it maps or someone is buying it out. Either way I only managed to half fit a Daredevil so won’t be exploring that option just yet.

What I did get to look at was the new Character Sheet. I like it but it isn’t as intuitive as the old version.

Fly Safe as Always,



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