Jump confusion

I have brushed over recent patches with very little interest. Sometimes I get a laugh and wonder who actually notices this stuff. Like the recent change that anchored Star Gates that seem to be wandering off during downtime. Can only guess that someone’s bubbles were no longer aligned.

Most of the changes have a direct effect on the way I play the game, but not how I am playing it right now. For example I have a few mining vessels dotted around strategic systems. Due to the changes introduced in September, they are redundant and need to be refit before use. Since I am not engaged in mining at the moment, they can sit and wait until I make that my focus.

With the most recent Dev Blog – Mining Foreman Revolution out there for comment I find myself thinking about what Eve used to be and where it is headed. Is the single player still catered for or is the focus on forcing players into groups?

Reading through the 7000 word Dev blog, I think the little guy is safe. My Main and Alt accounts probably wont use the Orca / Hulk combo in some obscure system to strip belts, but there will be a sweet spot that I can use that suits my game play. It might be the new Porpoise and a Mackinaw or some other combo, but either way I don’t think the single guy has been nerfed just yet.

Back to the title.

I got a call from a friend, yes I actually have one, who wanted some stuff moved out of Null. I have a Nomad in the system and he did provide plenty of fuel last time, so I can’t really complain. Time to organise the logistics of the move.

My primary Freighter pilot was engaged running missions in High Sec and had jumped up from Null very recently. He wasn’t going to be able to jump back for 16 hours or so. I made the decision to jump down and sort it out myself, after all I was only providing back up and hadn’t really been needed. My alt could hold his own for a while.

Leave ship, pause training, Select Clone , pay 900,000 isk.
Reactivate training, open hanger select Nomad, Make Active.

What do you mean I need Jump Freighters level 1… seriously WTF!

And it dawned on me that even with 190 million+ skill points there are some things I can’t do. Flying Jump Freighters is one of them apparently. To salvage this embarrassing mess I decided to grab the skill book and train level one. The closest book was 12 jumps away up a Null Sec pipe. So off I went in my trusty Slasher and fetched the book (100 mill). Flew back down and chilled for 1 hour and 20 something minutes while the level trained. Then with half an hour to spare before downtime jumped out of Null and made the safe transition to High Sec. Parked the freighter and logged.

It was a good reminder that I need to plan the refit of my little mining boats before I jump back and try to use them. I really need to work out what I need and get all the pieces together, and in the Freighter, before I jump back down or I will be left in the same position.

All dressed up and nowhere to go.

Fly Safe as always,





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