Talwar – Ghost Fitting Option

To reduce trading taxes, I needed to get my second accounts standings up. Easiest way to do that with the faction that owns the station is to run missions for them. Lots of missions. I needed to go in at entry level so the dual Vargur’s were not going to work. I had to come up with something closer to frigate size. I could have opted for a Rifter but chose the Talwar destroyer instead.

Talwar tethered to a Fortizar


Well it was introduced years ago. I had one in my hanger so I thought why not give it a go.

A check of the web indicated that speed and damage were the strong points. Sig radius and low HP were the weak points. There were a few fits offered so I decided to log onto Singularity (test server) and try out the new Ghost Fitting option. I was interested to see if it stacked up to the current third party mods. Happy to say I thought that the in-game Ghost Fitting option was really good, considering there are a lot of features that are not implemented yet.

I built a fit for my main account that it would suit my second account as well. Copied the new fit to notepad and logged into Tranquility to rat see if I had everything I needed in the corp hangers hangers. Took a while to get all the stuff sorted but managed to undock in my new destroyer and hit the belts.

I wasn’t disappointed.
Seven light launchers spamming missiles out to 73kms made me finally understand why everyone started as Caldari. I don’t really do missiles. I have all the skills, but the only missile boat I have is a Typhoon that gathers dust in the hanger. Being able to jump into an area and burn out of range while inflicting heavy damage is kind of fun and the Talwar didn’t disappoint.

I flew my second account down to the main trade hub and used the buy and fit ship option from the saved corporate fitting. Once again, a feature I hadn’t used. The new ship was fitted and ready to undock in a matter of minutes. I like this feature.

We hit the agents and started the grind. Nothing seemed too hard and in the end I sent the main account off to do other stuff, happy in the knowledge that my second account could handle anything an L2 agent had to throw at him. I tested the tank a couple of times (read not paying attention) and even though the destroyer has the HP of a frigate it is still a solid little ship. Plenty of mission grinding to go before I can get back to other stuff, but it isn’t a chore in this ship.

Fly Safe as Always


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