Market Trading

Having decided to spice up my Eve life and break feeling that logging in is a chore, one of my accounts went wandering through space exploring and boldly going but I was at a bit of a loss when it came to the other one. He was tending a small industrial project deep in Null Sec space that, due to the economy, had become redundant.

I made a decision to move him back into High Sec to have a go at station trading. He had all the required skills at lvl5 and a 200 mill pot to begin with. I headed off to Jita and quickly learned that I really didn’t know nearly enough about trading.

A quick search of the internets indicated that I should have been an Eve Billionaire by now. I wasn’t holding my tongue right when I set my sell orders. Station trading is simple if you buy an expensive pdf file because it unlocks the secrets. Ok.. maybe not. Further research uncovered a wealth of information that explained a lot of what I took for granted but also provided insights into how the market worked. The biggest ‘ah ha’ moment was decoding how to identify whether people were selling to buy orders or just buying. It was at that point that it all began to make sense.

Armed with this knowledge, and a better understanding of trade in general, I headed back to my home region. I knew that the markets wouldn’t be quite as active, but I had good standings and the taxes would be less. I decided on cross regional trade for t2 items that were familiar to me. I seeded the buy orders playing the 1 isk game and waited.

While I was waiting for the buy orders to fill I thought it would be a good idea to run some missions for the faction I was going to use as my point of sale. Yad came out of his wanderings and picked up his missioning Vargur to assist. So two accounts and two beer fit ships headed off to a nearby agent. The Marauder is almost a set and forget ship when it comes to L4 missions so I didn’t have to pay much attention but I always have a look at Eve Survival and see what I am up against.

At the end of each mission I checked the orders and hopped in a fast small ship to pick up the buy’s. Ferry them to the sell hub and pop them on the market. I had identified a few items that didn’t seem to have active sellers and for 4 out of 5 of them I was right. Placed on the market they stayed at the top of the list for several hours and as luck would have it sold well above my break even price.

By the end of the week I had sold everything that I had bought and expanded my wallet. While the total amount made didn’t come close to the mission rewards it was still a win by my standards. I had entered into a facet of the game that I had no real experience in and made a few isk.

More importantly I had enjoyed myself.

Special mention to Bad Trader who provided some interesting links and information.

Fly Safe as Always,


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