Barge Changes

So while most of us, myself included, were blindsided by the announcement of Alpha Clones there was something else going on. No that’s not quite right, there was a ton of stuff going on. Alpha Clones focused the discussion but behind that CCP had placed a sizeable queue of enhancements in the November Patch. Kind of like parents hiding vegetables in kids meals, they had me fooled.

What else happened?

The EXEFILE is being discontinued and I didn’t read much past that until this morning. I like the new launcher, it does what I need it to do, I like the functionality of being to log multiple characters in with a built in delay. I read the comments and none of the issues raised effect me.

Celebratory rewards for being actively subscribed characters. Another bunch of stuff to dump in a container called ‘stuff’. This container currently holds about 15 billion isk worth of handouts from CCP which underestimates its worth given most of the items do not have a current value on the market and the cost can only be realised on contracts. I am not complaining mind you… I love free stuff.

Patch notes for YC118.8 include:

  1. A new song.
  2. Some graphical changes.
  3. Asklepian implants being available in Serpentis LP stores – price dump expected.
  4. Low Grade Snakes also – price dump expected.
  5. Blue Prints for Serpentis Capitals. Now everyone can own one.
  6. Mining Barge changes – Strip miner price to explode.

It was the mining barge changes that caught my eye, firstly because I made my original fortune producing them and secondly because I wondered if they were going to make mining less tedious.

CCP Fozzie starts the forum thread with an interesting diversion. ‘At that time Tallest added role bonuses to the Procurer, Skiff, Retriever, and Mackinaw to bring their effective strip miner count into the same general range. He also asked the art team to make a note that next time the Barges and Exhumers were up for a regularly scheduled visual refresh they should be unified at the same number of strip miner hardpoints. That day has now come!’

My understanding of regularly scheduled is very different to CCP’s but that aside, the post from Fozzie doesn’t do a very good job at linking the art work and the patches proposed changes. It is almost like he is trying to make an argument that the changes are important because otherwise the skins wont make sense. Why make sense now? all ships have more visual hard-points than they actually have.

In essence they are going to remove a strip miner from the Covetor and Hulk and add one to the Procurer and Skiff. Grid and CPU will be changed accordingly. There are some changes to modules with a slight buff to the Faction strips.

Most of the replies to the thread think the changes are stable and should work, end of the day the whole idea was to make the skins match the fit and not to change the current attributes. Some are concerned that the changes make the fits too tight or sometimes impossible but people good at crunching numbers have already worked out what will work and what won’t.

On the 24th Aug someone picked up 5,828 Modulated Strip Miner II’s in Jita for about 3.7 mill each. The current buy price is 3.5 but the sell is 3.9 and rising. I wonder who has the MSM BPO. I can’t remember if strip miners were around when the lottery finished but have a feeling that this change could make someone very rich, including the person who bought all those miners.

Just another example of the game within the game.

Fly Safe as Always





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