North Again



So my travels took me North and looped around the Eastern edge of the map before a long overdue pit stop in my PI system to conduct maintenance. I was careful to avoid Co2’s  known systems after the last little adventure but it seems that Co2 were not finished with me.

The interesting thing is that to date, Circle of Two are the only alliance that seems to actively defend their space and, in my travels, they are the only alliance I have seen that roam in force outside their domain. I had another brush with them right on the edge of their space at QFF-06 and this time I took the prudent option of not being herded into a corner and killed.

I need to qualify the above with two disclaimers:
Firstly, I haven’t been East or West to any great extent and so there may be savage guardians over there.
Secondly, Eve is time zone based. There are a greater portion of players on-line when I am off-line. It might just be the Co2 have a strong contingent that cover my time zone.

The process of choosing a new sector to roam in generally begins before I log off. I find a quiet system and safe up before plotting a course, using the Eve map and Dotlan, then set 20 or so jumps for the next log in. That way I have a planned path and don’t have to spend valuable time looking for a way out. Most times this is not necessary as I log into empty systems, but sometimes it can be quite a challenge, especially down in Delve at the moment.

As you can see from the above the bright line of Empire travel is darkening and my recent travels North and West have been highlighted.

The point is to see more, not to visit every system, but most importantly it is about igniting my love of Eve and it is doing just that.
I am looking forward to logging in.

Fly Safe as Always,


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