New Claw fitted for a bit of harmless travel – headed out west.

Spent some time looking around Fountain before heading into Delve. The idea was to look at the Southern reaches of the Universe before heading back up North.

Fountain was empty.


Things started to get a bit more interesting as I headed off to Y-2ANO and into Delve. The plan was to go through D-W7FO and off to Blood Raider Territory but there was a massive amount of Goon activity at D-W so I decided to head back to Fountain.

Gate agents in Fountain took me by surprise, I guess they shouldn’t as there are some in Syndicate but the idea of them being in Deep null was new to me and just another reason that this little exploration trip is worth the effort.

My standings are not that good

Standings aside, I am not set up to do missions out here even if the locals are nowhere to be seen. These event agents might go some way to repairing my standings but that will have to wait for another day.

I am off North.

Fly Safe as always,


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