Given my pathetic lack of coverage of the Eve universe, and the absence of anything better to do, I set a goal to explore as much as I could before the next shiny thing came along and distracted me.

The map function that shows ‘systems you have visited’ updates approximately every second downtime, although it isn’t quite that precise and tends to leave a few systems off which makes the task of tracking them quite difficult. No doubt people developed massive spreadsheets that plotted optimum routes when this type of exploration became the rage back in 2006, but that doesn’t interest me. I just want to go and have a look, I am not fixated on seeing everything.

The Roden Shipyard at Heluene.

A quick fly past

I am fairly cautious about what I look at. I didn’t have to worry about Citadel traps because the Interceptor flew right through them, and yes – systems were lousy with them as Talvorian Dex pointed out recently. But there was one that nearly got me, quite ingenious really. It combined a Caldari Encounter Surveillance System which was bubbled behind a Citadel. Since I was looking for interesting things I warped to 100 and saw the trap. Didn’t get a screenie unfortunately because I was wondering how long it took a Citadel to lock and wasn’t going to stick around to find out.

I got a fair bit done up North before I went pop.  The stuff in the hold was just rubbish I picked up along the way, people leave the strangest things in space.

Why did I lose my ship? I forgot golden rule of Eve – never warp directly to the gate. I had become complacent and was happily transiting various systems without drawing the slightest interest from the locals. Then I entered the space held by Circle of Two and they took an interest. The plan was to go deep and log out safe then wait for the map to update and proceed from there. I was being chased by a frigate which was nothing new, but the hackles rose and I had a feeling that I was being herded, I failed to act on gut instinct and took one gate too many.

All props to the killers, they executed a block and stopped me from going deeper into their territory. No idea how my capsule survived but now I am left with a minor problem, self destruct or try to get out? (Solved, they got that on the Taisy gate )

Not to be discouraged I jumped in another Claw, stripped it down for fast flight and took off once again, this time minus implants. I am hard pressed coming up with a training plan as it is – so why speed up the process with costly chips? This way I have no burden that could cause me to hesitate at the wrong moment.

Hope to bring you a few more interesting screen shots from my travels.

Fly Safe as Always,


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